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Allison's Home Page

My favorite things in the world!

Hey sup?? Dis guy above is SO HOT! As you prolly know my name's Allison ... Well my full name is Allison Renee McGowan and my B-day is August 6th I'm in the 7th grade and it pretty much sucks! (I cant wait to go to U.G.A! Sr.09 Rulz!) but n-e wayz... I have a sister who is 18 and lives in Atlanta cuzz she's going to Kennesaw college! I have a mom and a dad they are not divorced I will include many pics later! I live in Appling County Ga. a.k.a Baxley. Nothing really happens in this small town but it's still awesome cuzz I have all my friends and family and so much more here. I have had many heartbreaks (specially from Hazlehurst!) But i like to party... no matter what happens at the party the weekend or night b-4 i will always be at the next one! I LUV to dance...I LUV to sing and act to bad i aint the best singer! But I am gonna act when I grow up so 1 day ppl will see me on TV and be like I knew her she was really nice. awesome and so much more (good stuff! LOL) My fav. Kind of music is um...I dont know i listen to everything and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING! well mostly!LOL I love to hang out w/ my friends like .... I would name them but i dont wanna leave no 1 out so I betta not! A list of ppl who have really influeced or changed my life... to long! Rememebr when you meet sum1 you will most likely influence their life no matter wat! I know ALOT of ppl have changed mine (mostly for da betta!) Dis is gettin a lil to long so... I'll TTYL... if ya wanna email me it's or I dont have MSN or YAHOO messeneger anymore (sowwy!) But I do have AIM(aol) messenger and my addy is AlliMcGalli... so I'll TTYL Luv Ya ~*KISSES~*~HUGZ~*~BYES~*~!

My Favorite Web Sites

Angelfire - Free Home Pages
E-mail (MSN messenger) and so much more!
E-Mail (Yahoo messenger)and much more also
( ask him ANYTHING and he will reply w/ somtething good!(trust me)