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Greetings, I do not come in peace!

** Aliens do exist! **

Todays date - - Soon the aliens will come help me!

So one day I was sitting around... like I always do thinking something that I long forgot... I decided that I really am in fact an alien.

I have no idea what poped into my head, but some of it is still there so I will try to get some down before it leaves me... like everything else!

I have come to notice that I am indeed an ALIEN! Yes, flesh and green blood I am the outer space creature you all feared. I'll tell you why!

  • I am from a place far far away, at least that how it seems.
  • I have no fucking clue what the hell people are talking about half the time!
  • Most people piss me off for no reason.
  • People confuse me, becuase I am from a far away planet that will blow up the earth sooner or later.
  • I have been to space! Or spaced out! .... Either one is very good but I have done both! So I am a spaced out space man!
  • I really believe aliens built the pyramids!
  • You don't believe me? Well they told me that, and why would someone else build a big triangle under some star!
  • Llamas and that "Rejected" cartoon I hear people talk about are just stupid, lame, and aliens don't know why they let you people live.
  • I think aliens are way too nice to you humans.
  • I made this webpage, so that is a fact that I am and alien trying to corrupt the young minds of today.
  • Aliens run the media, and NASA. (They really do!)
  • I hate the planet and want to blow it up, and you all fear that of aliens. (So that must mean I am an alien.)
  • Aliens made god up so they could laugh at all of you humans worshiping nothing.
  • My favorite type of leaf is this one. Don't like it? Too bad shut the fuck up, I like it.

  • I believe aliens are real! (Buts the X-Files is all lies, LIES!)
  • Only I know the real truth about aliens. They DO exist and they WILL kill you if you piss them off.
  • Only aliens use google as their spell checker!
  • I'm not with the "Be yourself and by that we mean GAY!" That is just bullshit.
  • Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with it... well yes there is, but I just don't care. Just don't tell me about it.
  • Aliens DON'T believe in god. The only higher powers are the ones who boss you around. For all you religious people. I mean something real.
  • Also when you humans have that special, "awaken" thing, does it feel like a orgasm. They all look like "God" just raped them. So who is committing the sins?
  • This web page was made for nothing, for noone, is nothing, is noone, it is just there. It has no real reason for being here.
  • Aliens hate all of you and all of me... Aliens will take over this world and you will all... Die?
  • The only religion aliens will accept is "Jedi"! Yes Jedi.
  • So sign up and become an "Alien Jedi!" They are the wave of the future you know. Yup...

    Still working on some of the Alien Jedi shit... Give me some time!

  • Aliens are god, you shall all bow down to alienessessess. Damnit. Or we shall vaporize you.
  • Aliens DON'T like school. I hate school with a passion, so that must mean I am an alien.
  • Aliens will eat your soul. If it is green (Like alien green) we will put it back and give you a free joint.
  • Aliens just love joints!
  • Aliens also love Game boy advance.
  • Aliens will kill you! KILL YOU GOOD!
  • I am an Alien Jedi, that also proves I am an alien!
  • The world is full of shit.
  • .... Fuck you!