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Role-Play Title

Its ECW's Time Now..

Those Who've Felt The Flow

Brock Lesnar, A.J Styles, Steve Corino, Test, Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn, Christian, Undertaker

CWF Career Record

004 - 000 - 002

Current Match
Tag Team Table Match - vs. Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy w/ RVD


Hardore Champion (x3), Top Match (x1), Top Rper (x1), Rp Top 10 (x3)

Roleplay Number






Fade up the CWF logo

Smack!Down Flashback: Taker doesn't care, sticking his middle finger up at them.. what the hell!? When Taker come out here, people were cheering him, now he's going crazy, they are booing and he doesn't even care.. he enters the ring and grabs Raven, shoving the chair under his throat and evilly staring into the roof of the arena, but wait, Raven fights back, elbowing Taker to the gut, knocking him towards the ropes and whipping him off.... dropping the chair and coming back... drop toe hold.. face first on the chair!! Raven quickly covers.. One.. Two.. Kick Out! No-way.. it just isn't going to happen.. Raven rolls off, getting to his feet and.. UNDERTAKER SITS UP... Oh shit, Raven attacks, punching away at Takers head, but he grabs him by the throat.. getting to his feet and... CHOKESLAM!!! Low Blow.. kick to the gut.. Evenflow DDT!!! Raven jumps into the cover, hooking the leg intensely.. One... Two... Three.. The Dark Prince walks away with it.. defeating The Undertaker who recently, has just been walked over!

Prologue: CWF Smack!Down is over.. but the aftermaths will continue to grow as a new dominating force was formed.. that being EC Fuckin' W.. But this Desire.. which is the new name for CWF's weekly show.. will show Rob Van Dam and Raven team up in their first match CWF history in a Tag Team Table Match against Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho but the thing is both of these men know everything there is to know about table Matches and Desire will be one hell of a show..

....Its ECW's Time Now.. ....

Scene: The scene opens up with Raven sitting down in the ECW locker room on in his NWA/TNA wrestling gear.. when he heres the door open and looks up when he has a white stripes under each eye.. he also doesnt look very happy when Rob Van Dam walks in looks at him and says..

'The Whole Fuckin' Show' Rob Van Dam: Yo dude.. whats up now.. i mean you should be happy after you totally kicked Undertakers ass on Smack!Down

'The Dark Prince' RaVen: Rob.. normally you would be right.. but you see i did not act out the form of revenge i wanted to on the Undertaker.. and sooner or later he will have to face me again.. and he will know WHY I AM TO BE FEARED!..

'The Whole Fuckin' Show' Rob Van Dam: Whoa.. Raven dude.. seriously.. Smack!Down is old news.. we gotta think towards Desire man when we team up against Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho in a tag team table match.. i mean common bro.. we know everything there is to know about Table Matches.. i mean we were in ECW.. we were in the federation that basically invented any Hardcore match used today around the world.. and at Desire we gonna prove to the world.. there aint no one more hardcore then Team ECW and thats a fuckin' fact!.. no doubt about it..

'The Dark Prince' RaVen: I know we invented it.. i know we then took it to a higher level then anyone before.. but you see Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho.. are walking into a match they will not walk out of.. they are going up against the ECW Juggernaut.. which is a foolish mistake.. for you see no man is good enough to go against Team ECW and no man will ever prevail against us!

'The Whole Fuckin' Show' Rob Van Dam: Dude that is so true.. i mean what are Y2J and Jeff Hardy to us anyway? there NOTHIN' man.. we can so handle them and in a table its just gonna be so much FUN..

'The Dark Prince' RaVen: Jeff Hardy says i mean nothing to him.. you see Rob at Desire.. he will know not to mess with Team ECW.. as our wrath is one no man can overcome! for you see at Desire.. Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho.. will enter Ravens Clockwork Orange.. QUOTE THE RAVEN..


'The Whole Fuckin' Show' Rob Van Dam: Now that is cool!

Fade Out

End Of Rp