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“Why Abortions Should Be Illegal” It hurts my heart to see how a physician who has taken an oath to preserve life, can actually kill a defenseless unborn child. Literally ripped out many times in pieces from their mother’s womb. That is why I will give you nine reasons why abortions should be illegal. How can society sink so low? How can any stretch of human thinking come to the conclusion that “ Thou shalt not kill” does not include the killing of an unborn child? Life and death decisions should be in the hands of God our creator and not at the whim of the baby’s mother. So when you say a woman should have the choice to kill her unborn child, then in reality, you are believing in the taking of a human life. To allow defenseless An unborn baby to be torn apart and killed has got to be one of the most diabolic and repugnant acts ever done, by any person who has walked the face of the earth. Since abortions were legalized, there has been a sharp rise in premature births in subsequent pregnancies due to damage done to the cervix and the uterine endometrium during an abortion. This will lead to low birth weights and thus physical and mental problems in the child, including cerebral palsy. There is also a 50% increase risk of breast cancer for women who have had induced abortions. This will increase to 200% if she is a young lady and it is her first pregnancy. It will rise to 270% if there is a family history in cancer. In our fight for abortions it’s love that enables us to “lay down over lives for our children”. In abortions, it is just the opposite “ my child you must lay down your life so that I can live as I want to.” Unborn children should not be discriminated against and targeted for death just because they are growing and developing inside their mother’s womb. They should not be targeted for death after birth since they are continuing to grow and develop. The deception of the development is inconsequential, and should not be held against the unborn and used as an excuse to kill them. There are nine reasons to me why the abortion situation should be illegal all over the world. Abortion is a choice between allowing an unborn baby or child to live or to kill it. Why would anyone want to have an abortion in the first place? The first reason why abortions should be illegal is because laws supporting abortions kills babies. Abortions are only necessary is it has to deal wit the mother’s health or the baby’s health. Abortions based upon the mother health account for 3% of abortions. Abortions based upon the babies health account for 3% of abortions. With the both of them combined it is only 6%. So what is the true cause of abortions? Women feel selfishly inconvienced by pregnancy. When abortions were made legal in the U.S. about 1.5 (1,500,000) million babies are murdered by abortions. Cold blood murder is criminal, and should be treated as a murder. The second reason why abortions should be illegal is because a woman is more than a fetus. There’s an argument these days that a fetus is a person. That is indistinguishable from the rest of us. She should treat that fetus as a person rather than a thing. I feel as if a fetus should be treated as equal as a human being. The third reason why is because being a mother is the most important purpose of a woman. Without a woman being able to bear children we will be as equal as a man. Mothering means having children and caring for them, often sacrificing one’s own desire in order to provide the needs and wants of the children. Without sacrifice, love is meaningless. The fourth reason why is because legal abortion is discriminatory. The reason why is because low-income women have family that will help them take care of the child. There are also many government programs also designed to help low income women throughout all phases of bearing and raising children. Legal abortions discriminate against babies because it is taking their life and even their chance at a life. Legal abortions discriminate against fathers because they will not be able to take care of the baby that he has created. Many times he wants the child. The fifth reason why is because more children will abort their children. Teens today feel as if they can have sex without the right protection and run and get an abortion because we let them. They feel they do not have to raise that child that they have created to bring in the world. They look at abortions as a way out. The sixth reason why is because every child is a wanted child. This means that no matter what the mother might think that there is someone in the world that would love to have the chance to love the child that they are about to kill. So give the kid a chance. The seventh reason why is because choice is good for families. This is because someone is waiting to adopt a child. Some people are not able to have a child so they are more than happy to take your child in to love and cherish them until they die. You also have the family of the pregnant mother and father that might not mind helping the child. The eighth reason is because legalized abortions is incompatible with a free society. This simple means that she had the right to no have sex in order to get pregnant. She chose to lay down with the boy or man of her choice to have unprotected sex to have to even think about an abortion in the first place. They have many opportunities not to get pregnant. The ninth reason is because GOD has created that child. GOD has personal blessed you to conceive his child in you. He blessed you to produce your word on to this earth. Why would you destroy what GOD has placed inside you? So there you have it the reasons why you should not have an abortion. With all of the opportunities in the world you would never know when you would blesses to conceive another child. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

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