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Abby's Boring Site!!!

My favorite passtimes!

*~*Shout Outs!~*~ ~Daniel*my babycakes! My great boyfriend... who hppns to be amazing at........kissing... yeah, you know! *kisses* *SuNnI*my buddy! best friends, stuck like PB&J! ya know what i mean! "now that everyone has learned the joy of self-pleasure, the world should be a better place!" $Sarah$ sorry bout bailing, but you're my hero! we still have to go get vibrators! @Zack@ you talk too much and u suck @ guitar! lol &LaLa& Buddy i luv ya, but u luv david! im alone! jk also: sahah, love from sabbyh! lol ktkt, jake, ash, karis, jordan (dont touch my chest!) steven, rob (sugar), courtney And MYA!

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