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** I AM MOSTLY USING THIS FOR STARTING MY MODELING* I AM WYNTER YES I WAS NAMED AFTER A SEASON AND YES MY SISTER IS AUTUMN, I LOVE THE COLOR GREEN , ITALIAN, AND NEGRO HHAH I LOVE TO MAKE PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT SMILE, I LIVE FOR UCONN **HERE R A FEW THINGS THAT TICKLE MY FANCY: gummi bears, anything green, coffee, MODELING, cute pics of myself, straws, fine point pens, banana peppers,orange gatorade,boxers ,pants wit holes in them, pepperoni's, eyeliner, monkey socks,long hair, hats, paint splatters, shirts wit eagles on them, smell of gasolina, stickers, taking pictures, climbin trees, break dancing, guitar, 90's music, white roses,silver, criminal justice, fBI/CIA, forensics,massages, being loved, accents, parties, angelina jolie, rachel robinson, cute noses,electric razors,food,checkers, cell fones, 'v' cuts on girls hips, girls wit arm muscles, grillled food, pasta, mixed cd's, sunglasses, convertables n florida, bonfires, late night drives, a girl smokin a ciggarette in the moonligHT, big pillows, eyebrow n tongue rings, black shoes,patches, makin my own shirts, black shirts, P.S // LIP RINGS ARE SEXY... AND DONT U FORGET IT **AND I FINALLY REALIZED WHAT LIFES REALLY ALL ABOUT...ITS ABOUT HANGING OUT WHEN YOUR HEART HAS HAD ENOUGH AND GIVING MORE WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP***

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