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|| Impact! Card ||

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Date: February 25 , 2006

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Arena: The Georgia Dome

RP Deadline: February 24 , 2006


Steel Cage Match

Hulk Hogan Vs Kane


Ultimate X-Match

X-Division Championship

Jeff Hardy VS Triple H


Tables Ladders & Chairs Match

World Heavyweight Championship

Matt hardy Vs Sting


Fatal Four Way Bra & Panties Inferno Match

Mickie James Vs Candice Michelle vs Ashley Massaro vs Trish Stratus


I Quit Match

Stone Cold Vs The Undertaker


Boiler Room Brawl

kurt angle Vs Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit


*Note: Good luck to everyone. Whoever does not Roleplay without telling me why will automatically be deleted.

Main Events

Raw Main Event: Sting vs HHH for the WWE Title

Impact! Main Event-

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