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Josh's Wishlist

Birthday - November 12th

Josh wants anything and everything that he sees. From the newest flavor of pop-tarts to the $300 game system, his list could go on and on, and he is thrilled to get anything, even candy.

Green Machine Big Wheel - by Huffy
Pokemon Cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards
Slippers-Hunter just ate his racecar ones-Size 11
Movie Theater Gift Certificates (Showcase Cinemas/Hoyts)
Baseball Caps
Video Games for Playstation 2
Remote Control Airplane (I told Josh that I would add this to his list-please don't really get it)
Gameboy Advance
Monster Jam / Slime Arena by Hotwheels
Snow Suit - Size 7
Snow Boots - Size 11
Sneakers - Size 11
Long Sleeve Shirts/Sweaters/Sweatshirts - Size 6/7

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