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Title: Winddancer
Song: Ice Queen
Artist: Within Temptation
Notes: This was a request video, done for my friend Trine who I met at The Fellowship Festival in the summer. The video is for her rpg character. A female elf who fell into darkness and is now a Nazgul. Below is the character profile.

Carefree were the days when Winddancer first saw the light on that bright sunny day some 3 000 years ago in Lothlorien. Little did she know that some 25 years later the first of her many troubles would begin when she watched a group of orcs kidnap her little brother, powerless to stop them, powerless to save him. Her heart breaking once more when she learned of her second younger brother being reported lost after going on a quest to find their little brother, Winddancer succumbed to despair.
Months passed as she sank deeper and deeper into the darkness, her fair and loving nature already beginning to change. Withdrawing from her husband and their children, Winddancer is determined to find her brothers, or at the very least revenge their deaths, setting out towards Mordor, breaking the hearts of her family she leaves behind. Unknowing, as she climbs her horse and sets out, that this very decision is what will change her life forever.
Passing into Mordor, Winddancer is ambushed, taken prisoner by a vile minion who brings her to the Pits deep beneath Barad-dur. Months of gruelling torture ensues, as the minion works to corrupt her to the dark side, which he finally manages to do when he kills her beloved brother right before her eyes. At that moment her heart dies, her feelings suppressed beyond reach and she pledges her life to the one and only Lord, Sauron, slowly becoming more and more evil herself.
Years pass as Winddancer works to make a name for herself, many free people dying and being tortured in the process. Slowly, but surely she climbs the ranks within Mordor and manages to make a reputation for herself as one of the most ruthless torturers known to Mordor and finally earns the rank of Nazgul.
Though never again reunited with her husband, having chosen to divorce him, she does however succeed in locating two of her children, both of whom she works to corrupt to the dark side aswell. After failing with one of her daughters, Winddancer takes an orphan under her ’care’, determined to make him as evil as she has become.
Never believing that she will ever love again, Winddancers heart is briefly unlocked as she finds one who manages to access it. Never before has Winddancer loved anyone as much, not even her first husband. Therefore when he is forced to leave her, her heart breaks for good. Left behind, Winddancer has nothing but her servitude to her Lord, which she diligently and coldheartedly executes.

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