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Hi, this is White Lite Cattery and we are a website dedicated to the ubisoft game, Catz 5. Here we host adoptions, new breeds, Shows and various services. We are Quite New so We aren't all that known, but If you could tell others about us, or make a link back to our site, That Would be Great!

You can navagate via the links at the bottom of the page. We Have four Breeds up for Download, Two tabby based and Two Calico based Breeds, and we have Seven kitties up for Adoption, SEVEN! Along with them, we have five Downloadable kitties which you can Download a Family Tree for, too! We have also opened our first show ever here in WLC, so don't forget to take a look! Also dont forget to check back to WLC every now and again because we are constantly updating - You never know what might be here next!

Best Wishes, and look after your kitties!!

Here is a card of Solcis (Fapetz feel free to save it and it to your collection. A gift for taking the time to look through my site. Keep it as a memior or maybe put it on your site to make a link back to mine - We strive for publicity!