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Lets Build A Springer Look Front End

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Lets start with a list of materials I use to build my front ends. I have found this to work very well without ever haveing a problem. Forks: 1 1/2"x 1 1/2"x 3/16" square tube Shock Forks: 1"x1"x1/8" Tube Rockers: 1 1/2"x 1/2" flat bar Triple Trees: 1/2"x6" wide plate cut to the length you will determine as you go through the process I show you here. Everything is simple mild steel In these next few pages I'll do my best to document how to build a Leading Link Springer Look Front end. Keep in mind if you've seen my information about building the Leading Link front end, this is the same front end. Only I have brought the shocks up to the top of the forks instead of attaching them at the bottom. Its just a different look and I think it looks pretty good. I have also found that it works just as well as the LL. I have built these two front ends on a less dramatic rake than I usually build because I wanted the Springer look to be in the for front. I thought it would just look better with a taller front end than what I have built in the past. OK, lets get started: You need to have the wheel you are going to use on your Trike and you also should have the steering neck. You need to decide what rake angle you want and how high your head stand will be off the ground. Without this information you can not go on. There must be a starting point. For these pages we will be building from my measurements because I don't know what yours are. I like small 16" front wheels, you can use whatever you have or like. You need an axle that will be long enough to hold the extra 1/2" of rocker material on each side plus the normal spacers that are needed for the wheel. OK, I got my wheel, I have my basic frame tube welded in place I need a front end to be on 3. I have decided on about 32" high for my head stand and its cut at 45 degrees and notched out to except the steering neck. I don't weld this in place until I have the front end built. Its easier to line up as a complete front end. From this point I start by building the Rockers. See the next pages to see that. Then I cut my forks a few inches longer than I know I'll need. In my case I need about 35" long but we aren't suppose to know that yet, so I cut two legs 40" long to start. I prepare the 3/4" nuts to fit inside the tubes so I'll be able to bolt them to my trees when we build those. Check the following pages to see that. When your rockers and forks are made set them aside and make your Trees. Check the pages ahead to see that. When your trees are finished, and your forks are ready to bolt to them and your rockers are mounted to the wheel, we are ready to find the proper placement of the forks for the proper trail. Go to the next page for more detail.