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VCS Sports Training

things going on

Here guys is a little website. I will try to keep it up to date. You should be able to find out what all is going on and everything. If there are any questions write me an e-mail. Ok, now that reg. is over, we can talk games. They are as follows: Friday Aug.29th Bishop Kelly Classic TBA @B.K.( This is a scrimmage) Friday Sept.5th Grace Prep(Tx.) 7:30 there. ( Yes we are going so we will not be in classes friday) Friday Sept. 12 METRO 7:30, HME Thursday 18, Cascia Hall 7:30 Hme Friday 26, Dewey 7:30 there Friday Oct. 3, Cleveland 7:30 There Friday 10, 7:30 hme Friday 17 Perry there Friday 24 Claremore Sequoyah there Friday 31 Meeker Home Thursday Nov.6, Berryhill hme( Tv game) Game day mornings, the parents do a breakfast so i hope to see you all there.( Before school) The day before games make sure you see be bout what time we need to be there and what time busses are leaving. Your HEAD F.S.A.T