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 RRCC Wi-Fi Mobilization



What is Wi-Fi?

 Report Body:












Appendix B:

This questionnaire was sent to RRCC's technical staff and administrators.

Questionnaire Research

 We are writing a proposal for our ENG 131/Technical Writing class. We would greatly appreciate your answering a few quick questions for us.  The answers are essential to completing our project and, we hope that you can take the time to answer what questions you can.  Our project pertains to the implementation of public Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) on the RRCC campus, and proposes to provide wireless internet access to all RRCC students and faculty. 


Thank you for your assistance.


Have you or anyone you know of looked in to such a project, and if so what was determined?


What are your security concerns about wireless internet accessibility?



Is there any place in the RRCC tech budget for this project?



What kind of broadband connection does RRCC have?



Does RRCC have the infrastructure to support such a network?



Would the maintenance of a wireless network require extra personnel?



What other advice might you bestow upon us? 






RRCC Wi-Fi Project - ENG131 - (C) 2003