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MP3 & Lyrics ...:::: Love Me - Michael Cretu ::::...

Love Me

Michael Cretu


Love me...

and do not ever leave me

your the only one

your not just for fun

Love me...

dont believe when they say

i dont really care

that just isn't fair

cause i love and need you so

i will always be true to you

never mind how i sometimes act

my feelings are the same


Love me,need me

that's all i want from you

Love me,believe me

and always be true

Love me,dont leave me

without you,my life would be blue.


Love me...

and dont ever doubt it

at the very start,you were in my heart

show me the way into your feelings

i'll do everything

i'll give you a ring

whatever you want from me

if you love me i will agree

be my queen and i'll be your king

wouldn't that be exciting.

~repeat chorus~


~repeat chorus 2x~


( Special THANKS to ELI  for the MP3 & Lyrics ..Godbless po! )

~ ELI wishes to dedicate the song to ZETTE ~


(LOVE ME MP3 & Lyrics are copyrighted. Redistribution & Selling are not encouraged. Plz use it for your personal collection only)


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