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~*~The Drug Queen~*~

~*~Tanya McKracken~*~
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~*~Tanya McKracken~*~
The Drug Queen Tanya McKracken

+-::-+Forward+-::-+ Tanya McKracken has always been into drugs. Shes now decided to join OCWA and wrestle. She has her first match. How will she do??+-::-+ End Forward+-::-+

.:'+[Scene 1]+':.

Scene opens in a room with some smoke there. A phone ringing is heard. SOmeone finillys answers it. The camera gets closer. It sees its OCWAs diva Tanya McKracken.

~*~The Drug Queen Tanya McKracken~*~
Yeah you want your usual. Ok Ill have it waiting for you in 20 minutes. Ill see you then.

She hangs the phone up and looks over at the camera and notices it.

I was woundering when you were gonna get here. I see Ive got my debut match. One problem though the person Im facing has been unheard of. Who the heck is Shelly the Bod? Why am I having to face some nobody when there are other divas I could be facing. Oh well shell be the first to feel pain when I beat her.

She starts rolling a joint as she talks.

Now Shelly if I was you I wouldnt even show up. You do know youre facing the drug queen and you are going to lose. Now if youll excuse me Ive got some bizness to take care of.

She then lights the joint up and starts smoking it as she gets up and walks off.