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surewood flooring

Company Profile

Based in Shelby Township Michigan, Surewood Flooring provides it's customers with the finest quality solid wood flooring available.  Whether you are interested in new custom installation of hardwood floors, or you have existing wood floors that need to be refinished, Surewood flooring has the experience and the craftsmanship to provide you with a beautiful, fresh, durable, and unique floor for your home or business.   Our flooring specialists will asses your flooring needs, and thourougly explain all of your options to give you the floor that you are looking for.  We offer all species of hardwood flooring, unfinished and prefinished, from red oak and birch, to maple and brazillian cherry.  We customize your installation for your flooring situation.  We can install borders, inlays, and other custom woodworking depending on your price range and desires.  Our sanding system includes an industrial dust collection system, designed to make our sanders 99% dustless.  We are also repair and flood damage specialists.  Whatever it takes, we can make your floors look new.

All of our installed floors are 3/4 inch SOLID WOOD , we pride ourselves on the fact that we shy away from laminates and other faux wood flooring, as we feel that despite great marketing from flooring manufactures and flooring centers, solid hardwood is actually MORE durable, has better feel, and will increase the value of your home greater than imitation products.  Lets put it this way, chances are your home is framed using wood, if laminated wood fibers were more durable, and more cost effective, wouldn't they be using it by now?  As a matter of fact, in the early 1900's, as many wood construction ships were scrapped as steel construction took over, much of it was dismantled and milled into wood flooring planks. These floors are still visible in many older homes in older cities such as Detroit and Chicago.  Chances are, a solid wood floor, if taken care of properly, may last longer than most of us will.  How many stories have you heard of friends or relatives pulling up the carpet in an older home they just bought, and to their surprise, there is a beautiful wood floor that can be refinished to look like new?  These are only basic reasons to choose a wood floor from Surewood.  Call us today! We do free estimates, so you have nothing to lose by seeing what Surewood Flooring can do for your home.

Surewood Flooring is a member of the Building Trades Association


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