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Even if it Takes An Eternity, He will make Amends.......

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Free Image Hosting @! Angel was born as Liam, to an Irish merchant, in 1727. By 1753, at the age of 26, he had developed a taste for alcohol, women and sloth. Though not a bad man, Liam was a hedonist whose only real ambition lay in seeing the world. For the lazy Irishman that seemed a laughable dream, especially after he was expelled from his father's household, but he had caught the eye of an affluent woman — actually a vampire — named Darla. She lured him into an alley, and, promising him a world full of excitement and travel, transformed him into a vampire.

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The loss of his soul meant Liam no longer possessed any restraint over his darker impulses. On the night he rose from his grave, and in response to Darla's claim that he could have anyone in the village, he set about slaughtering the entire community. When he came to slaughter his own family, he found no problem in entering, his little sister inviting him in without hesitation or suspicion. Before killing his father, he would tell him mockingly, "[My sister] thought that I'd returned to her. An angel. She was wrong."

For generations Darla and Liam, now known as Angelus, terrorized humankind, murdering and torturing anyone who crossed their path. Angelus sired the vampires Penn (who indulged his blood lust by becoming a serial killer), and Drusilla, a young woman driven insane by Angelus before he finally sired her. Drusilla, in turn, sired Spike, for whom Angelus largely served as a mentor and "role model." Spike would go so far as to call the elder vampire his "Yoda". It is rumored that while Angelus, Darla, Spike, and Dru were together they were called The Whirlwind.

In 1898, Angelus slew the favorite daughter of a tribe of Gypsies, the Kalderash Clan. To avenge her death, they cursed him by restoring his human soul, thus afflicting him with a conscience and condemning him to an eternity of remorse. He tried and failed to resume his life with Darla. After he was unable to kill a baby to prove himself to Darla, Angelus fled (presumably to America). There he lived an isolated life avoiding humanity, and the temptation to feed, living in a dark apartment.

During WWII, Angel was recruited by The Initiative who sunk him to the bottom of the ocean to rescue an American Submarine crew from Nazi vampires (including Spike).

In 1952, Los Angeles, Angel was a resident at the Hyperion hotel, the building which would one day become the future base of Angel Investigations. During this time, Angel was attempting to stay to himself, avoiding interaction with other patrons and looking the other way when his help was required, even despite the numerous strange incidents of murders and suicides running rampant throughout the hotel. After his meeting with a young woman named Judy, he was forced to disarm a man chasing her but then immediately ended any interaction with her soon after. However her repeated attempts to contact him managed to help him build a, luke-warm at best, relationship with her while the hotel continued to become corrupted around him. Though he didn't understand why, Angel felt compelled to help the human residents of the hotel by defeating the Paranoia demon affecting them but by the time he had obtained the items he required, the entire hotel had been overcome with paranoia and not only did Judy betray him in order to save herself but the hotel residents beat and then hung him. This was a turning point in Angels life where he got close to a human and tried to selflessly help her and the other residents but in the end decided it was not worth saving them, bitter at their actions against him. He returns many decades later to find Judy an old woman, having been trapped in the Hyperion all this time feeling guilt at Angels apparent death by hanging because of her accusations. Angel forgives her and remembers her fondly as one of his first few friends.

In New York during the 1970s Angel came upon a robbery at a doughnut shop. After the robber killed the employee and fled, Angel stayed with the man as he died. Unable to resist the urge to feed from a warm human, Angel fed on the man and then grew disgusted with himself. He exiled himself to a life of homelessness, living in alleyways and feeding off of stray rats.

A shadow of his former self, a reclusive and emotionally tortured Angel eventually met a demon named Whistler in 1996, who persuaded him to join the fight against the evil that had corrupted him and to help the newly called Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers. When he and Buffy finally met in Sunnydale, CA, he introduced himself not as Angelus, but as Angel.

Over time, Buffy and Angel fell in love. Though they tried to deny their feelings, they could not resist the passion growing between them. When they finally consummated their relationship, Angel experienced the one moment of pure happiness needed to break his curse. Without the humanity and conscience that was instilled by his soul, Angel quickly returned to his former, evil self.

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After Angel transformed back into Angelus, he allied himself again with Spike and Drusilla, who had recently settled in Sunnydale. Angelus found immense pleasure in tormenting Buffy and her friends. He went on to kill Jenny Calendar, who had been a core member of Buffy's group, just after she had managed to successfully decipher the lost Gypsy curse which would restore Angelus' soul. He then attempted to awaken the demon Acathla in an attempt to bring about the apocalypse. Buffy, however, was determined to stop him despite their deeply emotional history. Fighting him in one-on-one combat, Buffy was able to overcome Angelus, but before Acathla consumed him, Angel was cursed again by Buffy's friend and comrade Willow Rosenburg, his soul restored moments before Buffy had to kill him and, in doing so, save the world.

Los Angeles

Less than a year later, Angel was unexpectedly released from Hell, reappearing in his mansion in a feral state. Buffy aided him in secret, fostering his rehabilitation. Having regained his senses, Angel realized that his return from Hell was not accidental, and that he must be meant to serve some higher purpose. He made the difficult decision to leave Sunnydale and Buffy, in an effort to protect them both and lend whatever normalcy to Buffy's chaotic life he could. He then moved to Los Angeles, where he would attempt to redeem himself in the service of others. He found support from Doyle, a half-demon sent by The Powers That Be, and Cordelia Chase, a former classmate of Buffy's who had moved to L.A. to find wealth and fame. The trio formed Angel Investigations, a shoe-string operation with the mission statement of protecting those who cannot defend themselves and helping lost souls find their way.

Doyle, Angel's trusted friend and sole connection to the Powers, was killed in the line of duty, leading Angel to become even more protective of those he held dear. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, who had briefly served as Watcher to both Buffy and Faith in Sunnydale, arrived in L.A. working as a "rogue demon hunter," but stayed to assist Angel and Cordelia in their mission. A few months later, they were joined by lifelong demon fighter Charles Gunn. The AI Team also enlisted the help of demon karaoke bar-owner Lorne, known initially only as The Host, an Anagogic demon who could read the futures of humans and demons when they sang.

As Angel continued to help the helpless in Los Angeles, his good deeds began to disrupt the plans of the evil inter-dimensional law firm, Wolfram & Hart. In an attempt to control him, W&H resurrected his sire and former lover, Darla, but brought her back as human rather than vampire. W&H then brought forth Drusilla, who turned Darla into a vampire once again, causing Angel to feel that he had failed to save her. He then fired his crew and embarked on a bitter, ruthless vendetta against W&H (going as far as consciously allowing the murder of a very large group of W&H employees) and the newly reunited Darla and Drusilla. In a moment of perfect despair, Angel attempted to remove his soul by having sex with Darla, but instead found a moment of clarity following the desperate act, realizing his purpose was still for good. Horrified at Angel's epiphany, Darla fled Los Angeles. After a difficult reconciliation that involved Wesley taking over the official position of leader for the group, the AI team then found themselves transported to Lorne's home dimension, Pylea. Eventually they returned with a new team member, Winifred Burkle, in tow and to the news that the love of Angel's life, Buffy, had died.

Despite Buffy's miraculous resurrection a few months later, Angel found that his previously platonic love for Cordelia had grown to be romantic. Before he had a chance to confess his feelings, however, Darla returned, pregnant with his son, to be named Connor. False prophecies, time travelers and betrayal led to Angel losing his infant son to an old enemy, Holtz, who abducted Connor soon after his birth, taking him to a hell dimension (Quar'toth) where time moves differently. When Connor returned months later, he was a young man who was raised by Holtz to believe that Angel was a soulless monster. Connor vowed to make Angel pay for the suffering he had once caused and he acted out his retribution by sending him to the bottom of the ocean in a steel coffin. Just then, Cordelia ascended to a higher plane, the feelings shared between her and Angel still left unspoken.

Rescued by Wesley from his watery prison, Angel's relationship with Connor was strained. It was complicated further by the return of an amnesiac Cordelia. When a very powerful demon known only as the Beast arrived and began an attempt to bring forth an apocalypse, Angel's worst fears were realized when he had to strip himself of his soul and revert to his evil alter ego in order to defeat it. Angelus did indeed overcome the Beast, and was also deft enough to realize that the Beast was a mere "flunkie" serving an even deeper evil. Although he was momentarily free to wreak a little havoc of his own, Angel was recaptured and re-ensouled with the help of Faith (who almost died in her quest to capture Angelus) and Willow. After his soul was restored, Angel figured out that the enemy he was battling was a little closer to home than the group had previously considered, realizing that whatever the Beast's "boss" was, it was using Cordelia's body to carry out its plans. After battling and defeating the divine being known as Jasmine, Angel was offered the L.A. branch of W&H on the grounds that he ended world peace, despite the fact that "world peace" meant no free will and the sacrifice of thousands of lives at the hands of Jasmine, who had to literally devour people to stay alive. Angel acted against all of his instincts and made a deal with his sworn enemy, in exchange for W&H erasing Connor’s memories and giving him a normal life.

Angel's year spent running W&H was one marred with challenge and self-doubt. Trying to battle evil from within the belly of the beast proved to be more difficult than even imagined, with the lines of good and evil becoming ever more grey with every action taken.

Shortly after Angel assumed control of the law firm, matters were further complicated when Spike appeared as a ghost, emerging from a familiar amulet sent to Angel in the mail. Sharing a complicated history of murder and mayhem, they had spent more than a century as rivals in everything. Now both possessing souls, and both still in love with Buffy, they had evolved into very different heroes in the war against evil. Forced to co-exist, they waged a protracted, insidious battle of wits, ending when they finally came to an understanding and acceptance of their unique brotherhood on their journey to redemption. Though it must be said Spike never felt the need to prove his redemption as Angel did - It was clear that all Spike had done, he had done for love of Buffy. In both series he appeared in, it was always clear that unlike Angel, who saw himself as seeking redemption (since he got his own series), Spike wasn't as openly concerned about that. (though it must be mentioned that originally, Angel only started to help people because of Buffy, it's highly doubtful that Angel would have ever become a champion without her influence) What he had done as a soulless vampire did come to haunt Spike, as he told Angel in the episode "Damage." Also, in the episode "Destiny," where they were preparing to do battle over Cup of Perpetual Torment, Spike tells Angel "You had a soul forced on you. As a curse. Make you suffer for all the horrible things you've done. Me, I fought for my soul, went through the demon trials, almost did me in a dozen times over, but I kept fighting. Because I knew it was the right thing to do. It's my destiny." Then Spike clearly defeated Angel for the first time in their century plus association. Despite that, they came to an understanding that let Spike stand loyally beside Angel in their last battle against the forces of the Senior Partners, a battle both are believed to have survived.

Angel finally understood that he would never be able to completely stop the forces of evil, but that he could temporarily sever the Senior Partners' hold on Earth (which, he realized, was the reason for the Apocalypse) - now understood to be the never ending course of life on Earth, man's inhumanity to man, all having become business as usual, with Angel (at least as far at the Senior Partners knew) right where the Senior Partners always wanted him to be - behind a desk, running their L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart.

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Together with his comrades, Angel set into motion his final stand against the forces of evil, walking bravely into battle. Accompanied by Spike, Illyria, and a badly-wounded Charles Gunn in the alley as the series draws to an end, preparing to suicidally incur the apocalyptic wrath of the Senior Partners, as a way of going out in a blaze of glory. Together they assassinated the members of the Circle of the Black Thorn, the Senior Partners instruments on Earth for pulling all the political and economic strings. In this effort, Gunn was mortally wounded, and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce was killed. Gunn managed to make it to the meeting point, the alley behind the Hyperion Hotel, and together with Angel, Spike, and Illyria, proceeded to engage in battle with the dark armies that the Senior Partners sent against them. Series creator Joss Whedon has stated that he intended Angel to survive this battle.

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