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Text Box: From the Ghettoes to Deportation Text Box: 	During the times when the Jews were in the ghettoes everywhere in, they were starving to death when the food quantity was very low. There were many commotions that were happening inside the overcrowded ghettoes and many of the Jews were dying savagely due to disease and the constant beatings from the SS officers for not obeying their treacherous and bloody laws that made the Jews want to revolt. But how will they do it is the question they had in mind. This continuously happened until Hitler made a law that added on with the laws, stating that the Jews must be deported to the concentration camps. But that wasn’t all. He also ordered that the Gypsies, Russians, the Poles, the handicaps, and the homosexuals are to be shoved to the concentration camps. And with that, he left the Judenrat, the SS officers who were told to choose and organize the Jews who were to be deported to the concentration camps due to their status in the ghettoes. Then they had to give up the Jews to the other officers who were part of the deportation system. Hitler also said that the Jews are to be stuffed in a cattle car and must be deported to the nearest camp, even if the camp is a death camp. Due to this, many Jews had gone into hiding so that they aren’t going to be caught by the SS officers and will be in peace. But there were only several who were lucky enough to stay away from the eyes of the officers. The others who were in hiding were found in less than a day from when the Jewish Family was in hiding. And then they were deported to a concentration camp.
	The Deportation was completely a terror. There were so many Jews that were lined up to be put into the cattle cars. Although the cattle cars can hold a certain amount of freight, the SS officers just shoved them in, even if there were a million Jews in a cattle car. They wanted them to get weak with barely any personal space and want to suffocate them to death. So, they kept on shoving the Jews into the cars until there were no more Jews left in the line. Then the SS officers would have to slam the doors shut tight so that the Jews wouldn’t escape from them. Whenever the doors were shut tight, the whole car would be so opaque that it felt to them that they were blind. The train would then go of and the journey took days until the SS officers would open up the doors and let the bright light upon them. And when this happened, the Jews inside the cars were all blinded with light and could barely see. And thus the deportation had halted to an end when this step happened.      

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