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Interview of the Year!

*The camera comes on to a studio room. Where Slash and reporter Wade Warrick is shown sitting in chairs at a table in front of the camera.*

Wade Warrick: Welcome to NWA TV! We’re here to talk to upcoming superstar, Slash! Welcome Slash!

*Wade than turns to face Slash*

Slash: Yea…

Wade Warrick: Now last week you lost to Ruby Blaze in your second match. What do you have to say about that?

Slash: Nothing…

Wade Warrick: Nothing?

*Wade looks confused*

Wade Warrick: Say something for the record! Tell the people how you feel!


Wade Warrick: Umm…

Slash: I’ll tell the people how I feel, I lost to Ruby Blaze. Ruby freaking Blaze!

Wade Warrick: Yeah? And?

Slash: Yea, and she’s a girl!

Wade Warrick: Can’t win them all Slash!

Slash: I am the greatest thing in the NWA and she’s a damn sex commercial waiting to happen!

Wade Warrick: Sex commercial?

Slash: Never mind that. The staff of the NWA must think it’s a real joke to see me losing to Ruby Blaze. Well, think not. I crushed Jigsaw and put him into his death bed. Until Ruby Blaze had to come play hero. Than some how, Ruby Blaze beats the only NWA legend alive!

Wade Warrick: She is some star!

Slash: She’s good, but not great. Ruby just got lucky. Next time is won’t win and at Rebirth Jigsaw will once again feel my rage as I put his career to a end!

Wade Warrick: Yea, but that’s another two weeks away. Let’s talk about this week. You go against Degenerate in your third match. How do you feel about that?

Slash: Finally I get matched up to someone close to my level. Jigsaw shouldn’t even be allow to be in a ring with someone like me. Ruby Blaze is a female and this is a man’s world! Degenerate is close to being as great as I am. Degenerate will feel my pain as darkness is on my side.

Wade Warrick: Degenerate has already won his first NWA match. He beat Lightning last Tuesday night without even laying a finger on him. What do you have to say about that?

Slash: That just shows how much of nobody Degenerate is. Yea he may have talent, but talent gets nowhere. That match also showed me that he is doing a lot of ass kissing to the staff. I mean I got screwed out of my debut match and than the loser of a President we have, set me up to lose to a female. On the other hand Degenerate wins a match by cheating. He’s an ass kisser!

Wade Warrick: Ass kisser? I don’t know about. I do know Degenerate than win based by the rulebook. The wrestler has a count to ten to enter the ring and Lightning never made it to the ring. So he did win fair.

Slash: He didn’t make it to the ring because his little gay buddies was ganging up on him. Degenerate couldn’t face him man to man. He had to get help. This week he will have no help!

Wade Warrick: It looked like the four of them formed some kind group last week. The seem to attack anyone and everyone. So how do you know you will not be attacked this week?

Slash: Because I am twice the man, Lightning will ever be! Second Degenerate fears me. I doubt he will even show. If he does I will end his career and anyone who wants to make this personal. I hope Jigsaw watches me destroy Degenerate because this will be a preview of what is to come at Rebirth!

Wade Warrick: You have to be the most rude and cockiest superstar of the NWA.

Slash: What? You should be honor to be sitting beside me and having this interview. This will be the interview of the year, and of your career!

*He than looks at the camera*

Slash: Yea, Degenerate! This week will be your last in the NWA. I am done being mister nice guy. It’s time to unleash the darkness and to take the NWA by storm. You will feel my pain first as I will destroy the man, myth and legend of Degenerate and your little tag team! I will take all four of you at once if I must. I am sick of being the joke of this company. So I must show the world that I am everything I say I am, so prepare yourself for your last match. This time the darkness will win!

*Slash gets up and walks away from the table, Wade Warrick looks confused at what to do. Than Wade than stands up and walks away. The camera just blurs out.*