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*The camera turns on to a sense in the locker room. The camera looks around the locker room, it seems like no one is in the locker room. Until Slash pops out at the corner and walks up to the camera.*

Slash: So, Jigsaw you win your freaking match happy?

*Slash starts to walk over to his locker, and than looks back at the camera*

Slash: I hope you enjoy that win, because next time I will put you back in a pool of blood and I will win!

*He pulls a axe out of the locker and starts swinging at objects in the room, than pauses and looks back at the camera with axe in hand*

Slash: Jigsaw! Last Tuesday I went out there and sent you to a pure hell. You felt my pain and there was no way in hell for you to win that matchÖ.

*He holds up the head of the axe and looks at it and than back at the camera with a evil smile.*

Slash: Next time, whenever, wherever. You will mean my friend the axe and I will send you back to my pure hell. Next time you will have no help. Just me and my axe, oh yea and you on the ground in your own blood. Jigsaw, I am challenging to re-match at NWA Rebirth. First blood, whoever bleeds first, loses. Simple enough for you to understand. I want you at NWA Rebirth. The only question is are you dumb enough to step back into the ring against the king of pain!

*He drops the axe at his face and pauses for a minute.*

Slash: Now Ruby Blaze! The whole reason I lost. Jigsaw would have never won that match, if it wasnít for his little girlfriend to come save his broken ass. Do you think he would have saved you? I doubt it. You will soon learn no one in this business trusts girls. You should just quit. Youíre making this federation look bad and you are wasting NWA air time. So what if you are getting your nails done. WHO CARES?

*Picks up the axe and tosses it across the room, knocking out a locker door.*

Slash: While you are being a little pretty girl. I have been planning my attack on you. You caused me to lose to a no name like Jigsaw. You plan to rip me apart? You have to be kidding. Do you realize I am Slash, not a drunk grandpa at a strip club looking to get lucky. This isnít the strip world no more. You canít win by showing off body parts. To win by breaking body parts! This like I will do to you this Tuesday.

*Than he walks over and picks up a steel chair and slams it in the wall.*

Slash: This just blows me up inside just thinking how I was cheated last week. This will be payback, welcome to my nightmare! Attention span of a goldfish? Awe how cute. You think you are so cute. Looks see how cute you are after I bash you in the face a few time and make you look like you been hit by a train. Before you came and crashed my bloody party last week. Did you even see how I beating the life out of your boyfriend! My attention span is good enough to take on anyone in the ring and tear them apart. If you donít think I will be ready for anything you will bring to the ring. That will be your first mistake. Your second mistake will be walking into the ring against me. You may be able to man handle your drunken boyfriends at your bar, but Iím not drunk and Iím not your boyfriend. I am the evil that you will soon fear!

*Grabs the camera man and pulls him in closer*

Slash: You want a tag team partner? No one in this business will ever tag up with you, because this is the NWA not a cheap ass strip club. After Tuesday you will be lucky to even have a job here. I am here to embarrass, like you did to me last week. This time the joke is on you miss thing and I will make you look like a joke, no better yet. I will make you look like goldfish without water, youíll be flopping around this ring with no one to help you . You got into my business. Now pay the price and learn to fear the fearless!

*The camera goes blurry*