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Bad Meets Evil

::The NWA logo comes in the big screen. Than goes to a dark alley and it appears a man comes out of the dark into the streetlights. This man is seen with white face paint and long black hair covering most of his face. With old baggy dark street clothes on this man walks up to the camera::

::Unknown: So…the NWA is back.


::Unknown: Who cares? All I care about is sending pain to all. Pain is my friend and anyone who comes near me will feel the pain that I felt for years. I join this federation and they put me into a tournament against a damn power tool?

::::As he looks confused::

::Unknown: Yes power tool!….Yes you jig yes!

::::Points at the camera::

::Unknown: I have been to the darkest places of the earth. Some call me Slash others call me a hardcore legend. You jigsaw can call me your nightmare. Jig…There is no way, your going to get out of this one! You are going to be put in s steel cage with a man who loves pain and who is so evil the devil is scared of me. You shall have nightmares after I am done with you.

::::Than he pulls his hair out of his face and his whole face is in view now::

::Slash: But Jig face, so be mad when I end your career. It is not my fault. It is the damn ownership of the NWA. I feel disrespect by this entire company to put me in a steel cage with someone so weak that my grandma could kick their ass. I will destroy this worthless power tool in the cage. This is worthless! I am here to slash ’em all! Not to play with tools. If I wanted power, tools I would have went to Lowe’s not to the NWA.

::::As you can start to see the angry in his eyes::

::Slash: The President is so rich he cannot tell the differences from his mouth and his asshole. Vice President Jonas Watts?….what are you Jewish or just gay? And Brandon Kester…You are just too easy to pick on…so I will not!

::::Slash walks closer to the camera and looks straight into the camera::

::Slash: My point is…the NWA staff needs to realize I am here to send NWA to the dark side, for darkness is on my side! Every person on this roster needs to realize who I am. Who am I? I am Slash, not the cocaine hair metal superstar Slash, but the slash that will slash this whole roster up into pieces no his way to the top. This week it is Jigsaw. Next week it is whoever. It makes no difference who you are. The results are the same. Elijah Norton? Another damn power tool, what are you? Jigsaw’s boyfriend.


::Slash: Pookie D….More like Rookie D. No rookie could ever stand up to the level I stand at. Chris and Adrian…You two clowns are no Mexicans, just a few Texans not wanting to pay taxes. Slayer there is no room here for you, I Will be the only one doing the slaying around here. Shane-o, you will be saying o and o and o when I give you a sidekick Brooklyn style. This entire federation is sad. I am about to pump things up when pump jigsaws face into a steel cage.


::Slash: One question for Jig? You think you can mess with Slash? I DON’T THINK SO! Get scared and run. I will find you. Backstage, parking lot, wherever. Come in numbers, bring your tag team. It makes NO DIFFERENCE!! Because when you are in here, in my playground. It’s over! Shut your mouth!

::::It cuts back to the NWA logo::