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Silvermoon Pirates

Hello, this is the website for the Guild i built on WoW, the Silvermoon Pirates(Silvermoonpirates). it is a Guild based on being active friendly members and having fun. we are not very big and the guild has plans (in my Head) i want to take it to being a PvP, Instance, Helping kind of guild with that splash of piracy... really i couldnt think of a name for a guild i thought Pirates! i love pirates. but what kind of pirates? Base it on the Blood Elves! so the Silvermoon Pirates were born. i got my Charter signed and guild created. Come to find out that if you have the Charter in a secondary bag and not your main bag then it ends up not wanting to do anything at all, yeah its gay.

But anyways, after creation i set the Ranks to corespond to the Ranks(i knew of) on board a pirates ship. those i will cover elsewhere.

So the atemosphere is nice were friendly and understanding... i dont expect much from the guildmembers.. take for instance the only active Priest in the Guild suddenly /gquit and then i asked her why, she thought she wasnt leveing fast enough, that most guilds expect the priest to be the highest level. i told her i didnt care, i only asked she did what she can when she can. right now my guild is still developing and we are not in the process to start doing guild orientated thing so im not expecting too much from members... this will however change once my members start reaching level 30+ we'll be able to do Guild Instances and at 29 do group joining in BGs. but for now were building.