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* The Psychologist Book of Self-Test (never opened)
(25 Love, Sex, Intelligence, Career & Personality Test)
Louis Janda, PHD

* What Your Mother Couldnt Tell You & Your Father Didnt Know (used)
John Gray, PHD

* The Little Book of Letting Go (great condition)
(A Revoluntionary 30-day program to cleanse your mind, lift your spirit, and replenish your soul)
Hugh Prather

* Karma 101 (excellent condition)
Joshua Mack

* Our Healing Birthright (excellent condition)
(Taking responsibility for ourselves and our planet)
Andrew M. Cort, DC

* Awakening the Mind (used - ugly cover)
(A guide to mastering the power of your brain waves)
Anna Wise

* Stonehenge Decoded (used)
Gerald S. Hawkins & John B. White

* Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus (great shape - slightly used)
John Gray, PHD

* Loving Each Other (used)
(The challenge of Human Relationships)
Leo F. Buscaglia, PHD

* You Can Heal Your Life (good shape - slightly used)
Louise L. Hay

* One World, One Heart (used)
Susan Polis Schutz

* Behold A Pale Horse (excellent condition - one bend on cover)
William Cooper

* Grimms Grimmest (excellent condition - one bend on cover)
(The Original tales)

* Scar Tissue (excellent condition - sticky where price tag was)
Anthony Kiedis & Larry Sloman

* Give It Away (excellent condition)
(RHCP - The Stories behind Every Song)

* The Miracle of Psycho-Command Power (good condition - used)
Scott Reed

* The Hobbit (used)
(The enchanting prelude to the lord of the rings)
JRR Tolkien

* Love Story (used)
Erich Segal

* The Bachman Books (used)
(Four Early Novels By Stephen King with an introduction by the author, "Why I was Bachman")
(Rage, The Long Walk, Roadwork, The Running Man)
Stephen King

* Man, Myth, & Magic Vol 1 (good condition - used)
(and illustrated encyclopedia of the supernatural)

* Mysteries of the Unknown (set or single - all excellent condition)
- Psychic Voyages
- Visions and Prophecy
- Mystic Places
- Hauntings
- Psychic Powers
- Mysterious Creatures

* The Dreamers Dictionary (used)
(interpret your dreams)

* You Are Psychic (used)
(An MIT-trained scientists proven program for expanding your psychic powers)
Pete A. Sanders Jr

* Ecstasy (used)
(The Moneysworth Marriage Manual)
Martin Shepard, MD

* Mastering Speed Reading (used)
(Learn to read 10 times faster and understand 40% more)
Norman C. Maberly ED.D

* Anger (excellent condition)
Thich Nhat Hanh

* Creative Digital Photography (excellent condition)
Peter Cope

* Understanding Children - 2nd Edition Text (used)

* The Tao of Motherhood (great condition - writing on inside cover)
Vimala McClure

* The Shining (used)
Stephen King

* The Rookies guide to the Internet (great condition)
Amy Wolgenmuth

* Of Gods and Giants (used - great condition)
(Norse Mythology)
Harald Hveberg

* Enter the ZONE (used)
Barry Sears

* Atkins New Diet Revolution (used)
Robert C. Atkins, MD

* The Mommy and Daddy Guise to Kindergarten (great shape - used)
Susan Bernard

* The 21 lessons of Merlin (excellent condition)
(A Study in Druid Magic & lore)
Douglas Monroe

* Together at Home (used)
(100 proven ways to nurture your childs faith)
Dean & grace Merrill

* Alchemy (great condition)
(The Art of Knowing)

* Walden (used)
Henry David Thoreau

* What to Expect When Youre Expecting (excellent condition - used)
* Thank You For Being Such a Pain (great condition - price tag smudge)
(Spiritual Guide for dealing with difficult people)
Mark I. Rosen, PHD

* Secrets of the Chinese Herbalist (great condition)
Richard Lucas

* Prevention Magazine Books (excellent condition)
- Symptoms, their causes & cures
- High Speed Healing
- Book of Proven Home remedies and Natural healing Secrets
- The Complete book of Vitamins (good condition)

* The Chiropractic Alternative (used)
(How the chiropractic health care system can help keep you well)
Nathaniel Altman

* Images of America - Myrtle Beach and the grand Stand (excellent condition)
Susan Hoffer McMillian