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Have a professional scrapbook album made for you. Many layout examples are available to look at. You can Download digital freebies, learn how
to use scrapbook tools and learn scrapbook techniques.



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Welcome to Heather's Custom Made Scrapbook Album Designs 


       Do you need a custom made scrapbook album created by a professional?  Maybe you don't have the time to make one. Look no further. I have been designing scrapbooks for 4 years. A custom made scrapbook album is one of the most unique gifts you can ever give yourself or someone you love.  Preserve your photographs safely and create a family heirloom that will last 200 years. Keep it for yourself or pass it down generation to generation. It transforms your memories into a beautiful work of art.     I WANT TO MAKE ONE FOR YOU!

16 New Layouts  2007



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My  Scrapbook Layouts

All scrapbook layouts are created using archival safe products. I use only the best quality materials and a wide variety of special tools and techniques AND the knowledge I have gained over the years.  I take a lot of pride in my work and it is important to me that my custom designs will bring a smile to your face.  A scrapbook album tells a story, YOUR story.

Scrapbook Techniques

Interactive Scrapbook Pages

Paper layout and design

Color blocking

Paper Manipulation / Folding / Piecing

Dry embossing, Heat embossing

Embossing pens and markers

Yarn, fibers and ribbon

Ceramic Tiles

Wide variety of scrapbook embellishments

Die Cuts


Stencil paste 

Acrylic paints



Dimensional paints and tapes for 3D scrapbook embellishments

Craft Punches





Polymer Clay

Most popular sizes

  8 inch by 8 inch album

  12 inch by 12 inch album

  6 inch by 6 inch album

  4 inch by 4 inch album

  8.5 inch by 11 inch album

  Round tin

  Lunch box size tins

  Accordion albums

Scrapbook Themes

Baby scrapbook album

Family / Heritage scrapbook album

Friends scrapbook  album

Holiday scrapbook  album

Pets scrapbook  album

Sports scrapbook  album

Vacation scrapbook  album

 Interactive Pages can be a theme

f you are interested in having a scrapbook album made for you, or even if you have a question or two.

ave a custom made scrapbook made for you or as a gift. There are many themes you can choose or

have many themes in your scrapbook. There are many sizes to choose from

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Welcome to my 8 by 8 inch scrapbook album page.  Below is just one 8 x 8 scrapbook album that I've created. This album doesn't use page protectors.  You scrap directly on the page. This type of album is great for interactive elements. You don't have to pull the page out of the page protector to open envelopes, or find hidden embellishments.Here you will find my scrapbook layouts in the following categories/themes.

Free Guestbook
My Guestbook Themes

              -- Disney Scrapbook pages and other vacation albums
              -- Family and Friend scrapbook album pages
              -- Outdoor scrapbook album pages
              -- Pet scrapbook album pages


There are several INTERACTIVE scrapbook pages. I want to explain what that is. I have some pages below that have mini accordian scrapbook albums. Some are tied closed with ribbon.  All you have to do is untie the ribbon to get to the photographs.

AND IF YOUR A SCRAPBOOKER, I also list some special scrapbook techniques that I used on my pages. Just in case you are looking for new ideas for the pages that you can create yourself.

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