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yOU'd NeVEr hAvE gUEssEd. . .


aH SqUarEbANks. . .

wHAt sAraH DoeS. . .

  • MWF 9:15 AM psYCoLogY (200 people figuring out how screwed up life is. . . )
  • MWF 1:00 PM sTAtiStiCs ( 95% of students fall asleep in class. . . )
  • MWF 2:15 PM coMmuNIcaTiONs (hehehe, someone teaching me how to talk even more, watch out world. . .)
  • TR 6:00 PM CerAMicS (a great excuse to play in the mud!)
  • MWF 7:00 PM sWImMinG! (the one fun thing i have time for in the week)
  • EVERYDAY (anytime) i bother the guys in MacIntosh hall(they are also on my broomball team!)
  • WEEKENDS i would say sleep, but. . . no. work work work. (come see me at the coffee shop PLEASE!)
  • CALCULUS can't forget that, but have no idea how it's going to fit into my life

My Favorite Web Sites

Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Free Web Building Help
Angelfire HTML Library
HTML Gear - free polls, guestbooks, and more!
UAF Broomball Club
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Poke the Pinguin! (just do it, you know you want to)

I'm a second year student at UAF majoring in Biological Sciences and Pre-Nursing. UAF is a great science school. I wouldn't reccomend it to someone going into liberal arts though we do have a pretty good theatre and a great ceramics studio. The people here are a lot of fun, especially those involved in student activities and sports. I've been involved in the RLC (residence life committee) and that organization does a lot to make sure the dorms have money for activities. Anyway, if you're not in Alaska, you should be, and you should definitely check out UAF. For those of my friends who have gone out of state for college, I miss you and I hope you are all having a great time!

Summer is over. . . it's been raining for what seems like years though it's really only been a couple of weeks. classes started last week, so far so good. My cabin is great, though the logistics of living off campus need to be straightened out and it's hard to keep the place tidy. damn my mom for turning me into a neat freak. oh well, it'll come in handy at some point right? i love you all so write to me!