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Shout Outs
I love you because.....

Whitney: you're the hottest thing on this earth!!

Jessica: you stick by me through thick and thin.

Dianne: you believed in me when no one else did.

Erin: you're the best sister anyone could ask for.

Mom: you love me no matter what I do.

Ann: you always set me straight in the world.

I'd like to thank.....

Barb: for being there when I really needed you.

Bergetta: for keeping my feet on the ground.

Jen: for helping me through the toughest year.

Kelsey: for showing me what love means.

Momma: for loving me when no one else did.

Nikki: for always being my sister.

Tiffany: for helping me out of that hole.

Keren: for listening.

Julie: for putting up with me.

And Special Thanks to.....

North Seattle Family Center
Fairfax Hospital Staff
Martin Center Staff
Florida people
Platform 9