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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Computer Permission

I believe that it very necessary that teachers obtain permission from parents/guardians in order for their child to use the internet at school. Many parents differ in opinion on what is appropriate and inappropriate computer or website use. Receiving permission on computer use is important because the teacher will be following the parents wishes on the computer sue their child uses at school. This permission will also inform the parents on what their child will participating in during school. However, I think that it is even more important for the parents/guardians to understand what exactly they are giving permission for. Many parents/guardians do not have extensive computer knowledge or experience. They may be giving permission for something that they are not sure about or have never heard of before. Not only do I think that permission should be granted, but the parents/guardians should be informed about the exact projects/websties the children will be viewing, working on, and/or creating in the classroom. There should be some kind of informative meeting where parents can come to school and see the different things their children will be working on and possibly receive instructions on how to do it themselves. This will create a wonderful expereince for both the studnets, parents, and teachers. Everyone will be invloved and knowledgeable about what is happening at school and parents will be able to have a say in what is done or not done on the internet in school.


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