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do you know where you are? I sure don't...

Well, this is my page. I have yet to work on it too too much but it's all good. I'll work on it as I go.

well, about me... I'm about 5'6" with dark brown hair (naturally). :P hrm, I like to read, draw, listen to music, go to punk concerts, hang out w/ my friends... whether it be driving around in my friend Nesse's big white chevy, or just mall trollin' w/ friends. I've also gotten into paintball recently. it's fucking awesome. ;) I'll have to get some stills from the video camera of some of the guys.

Oh, I love to shoot pool even though I suck ass at it. :P I also like to bowl. That's always interesting. :) I have a knack for throwing bowls and such on a pottery wheel... I love to play with clay. I made these kickass dragons in class my senior year. I'll have to click some digitals of them. :)

oh yea, I'm a graduated student from Bartlett High School and I live in Anchorage, Alaska... no, I don't live in a freaking igloo so don't wonder about it. Anchorage is a normal city and alaskans are just like everyone in the lower 48... if less tan. :D I work at Fred Meyers *gag*... it's a shitty job, but it's a paycheck. If you have more questions then just go ahead and e-mail me. :)

e-mail me here: Jessie

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