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Welcome to Rachael's Webpage!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Webpage! My name is Rachael, and I am 13. I have a huge family. There's my mom, who is so cool. Then, I have a big sister named Denise. She's awesome. Then there is my big brother Duke. He is addicted to video games. Last there's Nick. He's the hyper one!!! My mom has a boyfriend who is totally the sweetest man like ever! His name is Mr. Lesly. His son, Josh, is dating Denise. Then, there's Jr. and Brittany. Told you we had a big family! My mom is 42, (don't tell her I said that, she'd kill me,) Mr. Lesly is 36, Denise is 22, Josh is 20, Brittany is 14, Jr. is 16, Duke is 14, and Nick is 5. I am the cutest thing ever...okay, I am joking. But, let me tell you what I look like and some stuff about me...I have natural brunette hair, but it's hi-lighted blonde. I have green/brownish eyes, but they only turn green when I cry...strange, huh? I am about 5'2" or 5'3" and I weigh like joke! But I'm noy like huge or anything, so don't worry. I want to just mention my friends...there is Paige, who is still 12, and Julie who is 14, who is in 8th grade this year. My mom has a friend from college, (they graduated in like 2000,) and her name is Dana. She moved to New York after they graduated, but she is so awesome because she is so cool. (and if you are reading this Dana, or if it's Dustin, I love you guys!!!) Ok, just have fun looking around and stuff...this is my first webpage so if you think it sucks then whatever. Denise has a webpage too. It's Check out hers too. :) By the latest crush is someone I've only talked to twice in the last 5-6 years!