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Strong and silent; that's how I describe Admetus. It's rare to see many Admetus fan sites. Admetus is one of those toms that you can't help but love! Not only does he play the Great Rumpus Cat (who is equally sexy in my mind) but he's also a really good dancer. He dances with Cassandra during the Jellicle ball and near the end of the ball he dances along with Tugger and the other toms. Admetus is a cat of many qualities so it's time he got some spotlight.

Also, my email address is located at the bottom of the page just in case you want to praise me, throw insults my way or send something you want added to this page.

(02-01-08)Okay, since my computer friggen hates me for some odd reason, the updates might be a little slow. Oh and now, ya'll can vote for me in the Golden Jellicles!