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November 22 - December 21

The Centaur

With Jupiter as its ruler, Sagittarius energy reflects the benign and regal aspects of that planet, in typical out-going fiery ways. It is optimistic, confident and positive. It is concerned with wisdom, freedom and exploration. But as with Jupiter himself, this easy-going positivity can turn into an imperviousness, impatience, or recklessness. A bright, futuristic, impractical energy.

Ruler: Jupiter - symbol of aspirations and hope The largest planet in our solar system Jupiter represents expansion. Like the mythological king of the gods, Jupiter instils life and wisdom. Optimism, generosity, luck, humour and opportunity are all associated with this planet. Jupiter is benevolent and brings good fortune


December 22 - January 20

The Goat

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and its energy is particularly earthy associated with the practical materialist. Saturn's influence can make Capricorn's a cold and calculating and uninterested in flights of fancy. Their energy is more ruthlessly realistic. However this hardness is balanced in its symbol - the goat - with a fishy tale, suggesting strange watery depths and spirituality. It is profound, serious energy.

Ruler: Saturn - symbol of realism, authority and study. Associated with 'Old Man Time' with his sickle, Saturn restrains our actions. Saturn governs long term plans- study, concentration and dogma are his touchstone. Saturn is realistic, authoritarian and practical.


January 21 - February 18

The Water Carrier

Aquarian energy embodies the airy qualities of abstraction, idealism and altruism (particularly the latter, symbolised by the water carrier pouring forth water for others) with Saturnine coolness (added to the signs fixed quality) and Uranian novelty and individualism. Not easily reconciled attributes! Consequently, Aquarian energy is quirky, eccentric, fearless and independent.

Ruler: Uranus - symbol of originality and rebellion The discovery of Uranus in 1781 coincided with the French Revolution and therefore came to represent revolution, change and freedom. This is also the planet of the great inventor and governs eccentricity, independence, intuition, rhythms, mobility and impulsiveness


February 19 - March 20

The Fishes

This is the mutable water sign. Piscean energy is the most fluid and watery of all. People born under this sign are sensitive, dreamy and mystical. Unlike the two other water energies, Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces energy has no hard shell. The Piscean emotions are pure and simple. These people go with the flow, giving it an easiness, and oneness with nature. They prefer to follow rather than lead. Piscean energy is unworldly, imaginative and mystical.

Ruler: Neptune - symbol of fantasy and imagination This blue planet is associated with the sea and governs the intuitive mind, transformation and spirituality. It is the psychic's planet and reigns over dreams, fantasy, sensitivity and refinement. It is also the planet of compulsions and addiction.

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