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Press Your Luck Fan Art

Added Whammy poses 9 and 10.

Rare big-tongued whammy from the later 1986 run. BLAAAAAH!

My all-time favorite Whammy animation, which was not used very often.

"Look out! LOOK OUT!!!"

"Hee hee hee! This oughta do it."


[laughs evilly and then gets electrocuted by the electricity from his ship]

"All I hear is 'BIG BUCKS, BIG BUCKS!'. I got your big buck!"


"I'm bowling for bucks, and it's a strike! Uh-oh....."

"Hee hee hee! I cannot tell a lie. You lose!"

"If elected, I will raise your taxes!" [gets pied in the face]

"Hold it, Fang! Hold it! Don't forget the money!"

Tammy: "Isn't this romantic? Our first picnic!"
Whammy: "A lovely day, a beautiful girl, and....."

Both: "FANG!!! WAAAAAH!!!!"

Whammy: "Hit it, Tammy! [shouting] I'M UP! I'M UP! I'M UP!!!!"

Tammy: (sings) "It's good to have your money back agaaaaaaaaain....!
Whammy: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Tammy Whammette!!

Rock N' Roll!

"All I need is cash. Gimmie all your money!
"Give back the money... I said, gimmie all your money!
"Give back the money... I said, gimmie all your money!

Oooooooooooooo.... WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Oooooooooooooo....

"Hello. Do you know me?"

[grunts] AAAAAH! [crashes through the floor]"Not again!"

"I'm ready! Bring on Rocky! Bring on Rocky! I want him! I want him!" [a giant boxing glove punches the Whammy out]

"3... 2... 1... BIG BUCKS!!! Hey, you were supposed to wait for me!"

"Hasta luego, arrivederci, bon voyage, that means goodbye!"

"You're out!" (Often seen when someone hits their 4th Whammy)

A very lovestruck Whammy. Often seen when the late Peter Tomarken reads a Whammy poem fans send in, the whammy can be seen in this pose sitting on Peter's left shoulder and then flicked away after reading the fan's whammy poems.