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Hello! My name is Peter Papanikolopoulos. I am 16 and i love playing football. I love cars especialy Porsche's. What I do on my spare time is some reaserch on the computer about Porsche because one day I would like to go and work for them. I have two youger siblings. On weekends, I go hang around with my friends and sometimes we go to the basketball courts and play. I am finishing off my last year in high school and i will be moving on to collage to do my study's for the car industry. I curently have a part time job working at a uniform store and I work there every Saturday and sometimes on Sundays. My favourite drink is strawberry milkshake and my favourite dish is babyback ribs at Baton Rouge. I have a dog called Christal and whenever I have troubles in something that i don't want to talk about, I go out to walk her. I love electronics and new technology. I find that its very fasenating to learn more and more about today's world and how it is rapidly moving in to the future. I love cell phones and my father and I always look in to the newest products in the cell phone indestry and if we both realy like it, we buy it. I love fast cars. Its a good thing my family owns alot of them. My uncle brings me on the race track about once every two months to race with his porsche. My favorite cartoon show is family guy and I watch it almost every night. Thats basacly who I am and what I do. Thanks for reading!