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My Little Pony

Pony Addicts Online

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Welcome to my little corner of Pony Land, Pony Addicts Online. What is PAOL you ask? It is a support group for pony crazy collectors. Oh silly me I must introduce myself, I am Peppermint Crunch or Peppie for short and I am the group leader.

Now your wondering How do I join PAOL, am I right? Well first you must take a quiz to see if you qualify. Being a member of PAOL is a thing to be proud of. If you qualify your name will be added to the list of proud members and you will be given a banner to place on your site.

(looks around the room) I know membership is low but we are growing. Here at PAOL we tell our most outrageous pony stories and share in the ups and downs of pony collecting. We also have our own forum. Please have a look around. I hope you join.

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