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P I M P Homepage

I don't know what you heard about me
But a bitch can't get a dollar out of me
No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see
That I'm a motherfucking P-I-M-P
Pimp are looking for members of all classes 40+
Loot system and Rewards ( Bling Bling )
At LBRS and UBRS we gonna use need/greed system but later when we hit other instancer we are using DKP sytem. At Dkp system works like this: whenever you are with the guild in an instance or killing a raid boss you will get points. For this points you can place an offer on an item that you want and that is droped. Other guildmembers will alsow be able to place an offer on the item with theyr points and the one that have the most points to offer will get the item. This system will result in :The more active players will get more Dkp points and will be able to get better gear witch we think is fair. The points will be updated on our Forum and home page when the time comes so you can see how manny points you have erned.

Voice comunication thru Ventrilo.
Ventrilo are a software that you run in window thats alow you to speak with, and hear your guildm8s while playing  WOW. It works like Teamspeak if you ever tryed that one but with better sound quality and less lagg.
P I M P have a 24/7 running Ventrilo server that is free to use for all guild members.
Ventrilo Server ip is :
What we can offer you in P I M P ?
At the moment we are Recruting Guildmembers at 40+ but the lvl limit is changing as we all lvl up.
Our Goal with the guild is to become a respecteble guild at the Burning Blade server with endgame Instances and Fixed Battle ground in focus. We are alsow starting Reputation in AV deliver days when people starts to hit 50-60. To get each member geared up , we only have 10 slots of each class in the guild. 10 hunters,10 warriors etc and this is becouse we hope that you all get your gear. We hope to get to know you all and have a nice time playing togeather and se our Characters grow aswell as our friendship to eachouter.

What do we want from you as member ?
LOYALTY! when joining our guild we demand loyalty to our guild and help us build it. As you have joined our guild you dont leave at lvl 60 to another guild and "if not good reasons" since we will put an effort to get you geared up. Activity is impotant, you dont have to be online everyday but if you only are online like 1 time a week you are just taking up the the Class slot and you shouldent expect us to gear yaaa up .


Guild meeting outside ogrimar on Tuesday 20.00 server time

Home page is under construction.

if there is any one that are skilled in making hompages plz let uden know =D .i suck

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