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OverWorld Main

OverWorld is a trilogy, like all my series. This is the first series, OverWorld. Here we meet a million year old girl!! In the OverWorld, she is considered as a 17 year old. Jess hasn't found out her powers yet, which leaves her in a hopless tie of fate. Jess is assigned to protect the planet, Broad Fire. It is called Broad Fire because the flames are broad and they come up everywhere!! Luckily she isn't alone and she has a partner, the wind guardian, Wind. Wind doesn't talk much and lives in a almost burned down dump in a quaint, quiet, little neighborhood, but his face is never revealed. He groups up with Jess and try to save Broad Fire from it's own demise coming near! In a twist of fate, Jess falls in love with Wind and everything goes well, she gains a new friend, Kiara Leifen, until a black hole pops out of nowhere and tries to rip the planet and everyone on it into the abyss. Wind slips and ends up soaring into the hole until Jess gains her powers....



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