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Date: November 1 2006 Subject: Updates Time: 3:28pm
It's  been so long since I had the chance to update we updated the Mice page with a few more passing's, wish this was good news but it currently looks like we maybe loosing two more sooner than we really want.... More Info soon.
Date: September 25 2006 Subject: Jezzie Time: 4:11pm

So we finally got the chance to get over and check on the mice to find out who it was, and unfortunately it was none other than our little sweetie Jezzie, so both Jez & Jezzie are no longer which fucking sucks.
It now seems that we got yet another mouse on the verge of everything as he's shaking this mouse is none other than Skat, it seems like they're dropping quicker than we really want them to and although we do know what is killing them since we did take the time to research them we can't do nothing about it, since what's doing them in are parasites and although we can get stuff it does mean separating all the mice plus at this time we don't even know for sure which mouse is infected and which one is not.

Date: September 11 2006 Subject: Fall Of A Friend Time: 1:03pm

To many people, September 11th, is a mark on there lives for when the attacks happened to USA, to me... September 11th will forever mean "Fall Of A Friend", I have just gotten word that Jez was no longer as of this morning when he was checked on, he passed away through the night...

It seems as if ever since we've moved our stuff on over to Crystals parents place it seems that our family haven't been doing so well...

Date: September 10 2006 Subject: Jez Time: 11:18pm

Well I have just gotten word that Jez isn't doing so hot, I've known that for quite sometime now and although been doing everything that I could possibly do for Jez while I'm there isn't enough... I have gotten word that she is now just barely moving so I guess my lil baby won't be around for much longer.

I've had Jez the longest along with Mordi (Mordecai) and he seems to be as crazy as ever and doesn't seem to be slowing down at all, I've always told myself and Crystal that I want to mate Jez with a female mouse so that he can pass on his characteristics seeing how he's the friendliest mouse that I have, I've always spent time holding him, except as of late when he's been sick I haven't held him when I've been over... I could probably guess what caused him to get sick but guessing is really all that I can do... I know over time he's looked worse and worse....

On top of all that I shall say one thing:

Ever since July 2nd my pets have been dying left and right, it's been uncontrollable.... I feel helpless when doing stuff for them and I can only do so much, although I know that if that day would have been different... Then Jez would be better right now he'd be running around like his usual self without any issues... but due to circumstances beyond all of our controls things had to happen which is leading to the mice passing away rather fast..... if I had my way I would put Jez upstairs in Crystals room the next time I'm over there.... it'd be an experiment to see that if it is something downstairs thats killing them it would also be a last ditch effort but it would be worth it because if I could cure Jez then I would know that something down stairs is killing them off and it'd be up to me to try and find it... Although I know as I type this that, that would never fucking happen....


Date: August 28 2006 Subject: Munchie Time: 4:51pm

On August 26th the body of Munchie was found in her cage along with a grieving Dripz.

This found was a shock to both Kennie & Crystal as well as a hard one on all including Dripz as she lost the daughter she was closest to, not only closest but the one that did in fact live with her...

RIP MUNCHIE, we'll always miss you.

Date: June 18 2006 Subject: Drippy Time: 1:13am

Our beloved mouse known as Drippy, passed away... the reasons are currently unknown but we do have our speculations... the main speculation is that there was a fight involving Midnight & Drippy, an Drippy lost, lost not only the battle but also her life.
The speculation comes to us  because while examining her Kennie first noticed that there was blood on her back paws which seemed to show as if there was a fight, we are currently unsure if this is true but the evidence does point to it, an if that's the case then be sure to watch for "confined" as the mouse who started it all, our lil tyrant known as Midnight will be placed in a smaller cage so that she will have no one to attack.

Date: May 13 2006 Subject: Spaz Time: 1:50pm

I'm starting to hate answering the phone, specially when it's for me.... since last night I got a call from Crystal who went back to her parents for mothers day, and last night she gave me a call it was about our beloved mouse known as Spaz, Spaz was one of the craziest mice we've ever seen we thought she truly was a Spaz (hence the reason for us giving her that name) she was very very entertaining to watch in the cage and the first baby we named from Dripz, but last night I got the disturbing call, the call was that Spaz had passed away, she was less than a year old and has 5 kids, 3 of which were in the cage with her at the time of death... Spaz was lay to rest in a garden as well, she will be sorely missed. Nothing can replace Spaz, since she was unique and she now has 3 orphaned mice living together having to constantly remember the thought of there mommy laying still in the cage, we did what we could for Spaz unfortunately it wasn't enough. We think she died from a repertory disease, Spaz had a amazing life and her memories will live with us forever......

Be sure to keep checking back as we're getting ready a "Remember Spaz" page in which both Crystal & myself (Kennie) give information about some of the highlights of having Spaz.

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