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DOB: September 16th 2004 (not sure when she was born but Crystal bought her on that day)

Her name came from 3 facts that I soon discovered after bringing her home and letting her out of the box.  A) she's a reddish color as are her eyes under good lighting,  B) she's a load of trouble and C) she's fast when she runs.  In general I thought of a ball of fire while watching her run in her little runaround ball... and the name kinda stuck!
She had a 30 minute car ride home (yes, buckled in tightly so she wouldn't fall) and since then has been running freely around the house in her ball.  What a surprise to Crystals' parents when they came home from their trip!  They really had no idea that Crystal was planning on buying a hamster, let alone during the time that they were away. Fireball has had 2, well 3 really, "friends" who've explored her in her ball.  Crystals' old dog Cody (a Sheppard-Lab cross) was her first "friend".  Fireball has always had a thing for feet, running into them while in her ball, so as you can imagine, Cody did not take kindly to this.  Cody kept out of the room when Fireball was running around, until she got sick and then couldn't be bothered to move... not long after that started, Cody passed away (November '05).  Around late July early August Crystals' grandfathers dog came to live with them... An annoying little Shitzu named Jody.  Jody is a little terror and found it amusing to watch Fireball run around and would always sniff at the ball until Fireball later got some guts and rolled into his feet.   After a while of this Fireball became very accustomed to dogs as she had one who would run away (the bigger dog of the 2 I may add) and the other who would constantly sniff her.
Crystal and Fireball later came to live with Kennie and NightHawk and soon discovered her third "friend", Buddy (a black lab).  Buddy is curious by the rolling objects (when they're both out running around) but doesn't bother them much, unless Kennies' brother gets him started.

This is the basic story of Fireballs life thus far, and although they say hamsters don't generally live longer than 2-3 years, Fireball is just as active as ever and she's over 1 year old.

DOB: November 27th 2005 (not sure when she was born but I bought her on that day)

Night Hawk is a female, the name was picked out for her a few days before I bought her, although when we did get her it did turn out to be night anyways so the name kind of makes sense, at first me an my girlfriend were going to mate hamsters when we moved in together since she thought she had a male hamster (hamsters name is Fireball) after seeing male an female hamsters she realized that Fireball wasn't male, so I bought a female as well... she was placed in a small box to carry her home in, however just a few minutes away from the pet store I got my girlfriend to pull over so I could place Night Hawk in the hamster ball that I bought her, cause I knew she'd be chewing threw that box in no time, after we got her in the ball I noticed just how quickly she was chewing.... my girlfriend tore some box off an tossed it in to give her stuff to chew on, I later added to it on the ride home... at this point I was plenty more comfortable with the hamster since I wasn't worried about her getting out, we got her home an got the cage that I also bought today set up, while doing this we let her run in the ball around my room a bit (couldn't do much since it was messy) then my girlfriend let her out on my bed.... I have no clue why but the hamster panicked an wouldn't run up onto my hand, she'd jump off, she also made a daring suicidal jump onto my bed an almost onto the floor but the quick hands of Kennie grabbed her an got her in the cage.... what can I say it was a stupid idea but I know I haven't been thinking right since I seen the mice babies... Since that day I've been kind of flipping out... but be sure to keep checking the news page to find out more about Our Pets.

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