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Full Name: James Lance Bass___ Nicknames: Scoop, Hollywood, Lansten, Poofu___ Birthday: May 4, 1979___ Zodiac: Taurus___ Birthplace: Laurel, Mississippi___ Hometown: Clinton, MS (moved in 1989)___ Current residence: Beverly Hills, CA___ Hair color: Blonde, usually___ Eye color: Green___ Height: 5'10"___ Voice part: Bass___ Instrument: Keyboard___ Parents: Jim and Diane Bass___ Sister: Stacy (3 years older), married to Ford___ Other family: neice Leyton, nephew Keegan___ Goddaughter: Brianna, Joey's daughter___ Pets: Dingo & Foster - Dogs___ TV shows: Friends, I Love Lucy, Mad About You, Seinfeld, Cheers___ Movies: Clue, Grease, Armageddon, The Gladiator___ Books: Bible, Lucille Ball's autobiography, "Oh The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss___ Author: Dr. Seuss___ Actresses: Lucille Ball, Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts___ Actor: Tom Hanks___ MTV VJ: Ananda___ Comedians: Jerry Stiller, Bill Cosby, Adam Sandler___ Singers: Garth Brooks, Brian McKnight, Martina McBride___ Music Groups: Offspring, Matchbox 20, The Beatles___ Album: Silver Chair – Electric Ballroom___ Concert attended: Janet Jackson___ Song: "The Dance" by Garth Brooks___ S/T song: God Must Have Spent___ NSA song: It Makes Me Ill___ Celebrity song: Gone___ Christmas song: O Holy Night___ Justin song: Cry Me A River___ JC song: 100 Ways___ *NSYNC Performance: Superbowl Halftime Show___ *NSYNC Dance: Bye Bye Bye___ Cartoon character: Taz___ Sport: Baseball___ Colors: Bright red and blue___ Foods: French toast, Mexican___ Drinks: Dr. Pepper, Barq's Red Cream Soda, almond cappuccino___ Dessert: His grandmother's pecan pie___ Ice cream flavor: Butter pecan___ Pizza toppings: Pepperoni and cheese___ Fast food: McDonald's___ Jelly bean flavor: Strawberry shortcake___ Candy: Snickers___ Candy brand: Willy Wonka___ Comfort food: Grilled cheese___ Sexy food: Strawberries and champagne___ Egg style: Scrambled___ Holiday: Christmas___ Season: Winter___ Time of day: Night___ Animal: Dogs___ Word: Whatchamacallit___ Country: Liechtenstein___ Vacation spots: Mexico, the beach___ Feature on him: His eyes___ Feature on a girl: Stomach___ Board game: Life___ Designer: Roberto Cavalli___ Thing to wear: Anything comfortable, like sweats___ Restaurant: Ago in LA___ Hangout: Saddle Ranch Bar & Grill in LA___ Fan gift: Autographed photo collection of Apollo astronauts___ Gift given: A jacuzzi to his roommate___ Era in history: The 1920's___ High school activities: FCA, student council, honor society, Students Against Drunk Driving___ Known as: An all-around people person, got along with everyone___ Voted: Friendliest Student___ First public singing: "Jesus Loves Me" with his church children's choir___ First solo: "Kiss An Angel Good Morning"___ First celeb crush: Paula Abdul___ First R-rated movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre___ First album: Whitesnake___ First concert: Reba McEntire___ First school choir: Joined in 7th grade___ Show choirs: Mississippi Showstoppers, Attaché___ Early jobs: Poofu, day care worker, snow cone maker___ Favorite childhood toy: A Mickey Mouse doll___ Least favorite childhood chore: Making his bed___ Stranded on a desert island: Most want his cell phone___ Not in *NSYNC: An astronaut___ A movie character: The butler in Clue___ An action hero: Superman___ Able to date anyone: Michelle Pfeiffer___ Able to befriend anyone, past or present: Lucille Ball___ Hobbies: Jet-skiing, various adventurous type stuff___ Lucky charm: Silver bracelet from the Sugar Hill Gang___ Tattoos: *NSYNC flame on ankle, "faith" symbol on leg, bull on upper back___ Superstition: Must pick up his feet while crossing railroad tracks in a car___ Collects: Dr. Seuss stuff, Taz stuff, Beanie Babies, stamps, antique knives, rare coins___ House: Has a man-made lake in the backyard, and a room with a Dr. Seuss theme___ Car: Gray Toyota 4-Runner___ Best part of *NSYNC: Traveling to new places, meeting new people___ Worst part of *NSYNC: No privacy, all the hotels, not enough rest___ Loudest audience: In Hawaii___ Most self-concious of: His accent___ Wishes: To be funnier, to be six feet tall, to live a long life, to have the ability to say "no"___ Greatest aspiration: To win a Grammy, to go into space___ First thought in the morning: "What city am I in?"___ Sanity helper: Watching lots of movies on tour___ Weirdest thing signed: Ceiling fan___ Weirdest gift received: A horse___ Biggest fear: Things that buzz___ Biggest regret: Not paying more attention in school___ Bad habits: Biting fingernails & bottom lip, being forgetful, sleepwalking___ Pet peeves: When he talks and no one listens, wasting time___ First thing he notices in a girl: Her eyes___ Preferred first date: A quiet dinner or something adventurous___ Turn off: People who drop names___ Place he's most creative: His house___ Doodles: People's faces___ Advice for fans: Don't listen to rumors___ Advice for aspiring artists: Get a good manager___ Most starstruck by: Madonna___ Gets nervous: When the soundcheck for a show goes badly___ Future plans: Would like to eventually settle down on a ranch somewhere

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