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Use this Layout for your own. The style of the menu is easy to change. The bodypages must have the following code in the body-tag:
else, it would seem ugly.
Change your Homepagetitle as you want. But be careful by taking your own fontstyle, relating to the size of the letters. The field for the Counterstuff is empty yet. Here you can put your own visions of a counter. Use style.css for all your pages to get a fast change of fontface, -size, scrollbars,...
If the content of a page isn't to big, scrollbars won't be shown.
Look at the Tooltips. Changing them and get more of is easy to configure, too.
Perfect view: 800x600
Designed with: 1152x864

I hope someone likes this design. It isn't awesome, but interesting, isn't it?
Have fun with this.


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