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I do think that the technologies of today are just advancements that make life easier for the whole world. Most of these inventions are used and coveted by all age groups, including adults. So if anyone was to be wired or attached, it would not only be kids. I do not feel as if all kids are wired on these devices. Those who own them simply enjoy using them, which is nothing more than getting their money’s worth. For example, in my class of sixteen students, there are only about five students who own PSPs, and they use them quite often but they are not playing them all day long. I think that these things were created for the enjoyment of children, and their purposes are being served well. There should be a limit on the amount of time that a kids spends using these things, but that is all up to the parents to reprimand their children and make them aware of these limits. In terms of something less leisurely, cell phones are just a way to talk the people when you are away from home. They also serve as life lines in many situations where a phone might be needed greatly, and there is not one around. There is only so much u can do on a cell phone, most of which is talking, which would have still happened on regular phones if cell phones were not invented. So I do not think that today’s children, or society, are hooked on or wired to these devices.