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Christys- LiL-Waggies (Shorty Jacks)

If you are looking for the little guys you see on tv in the movies, I have them. Shorty Jacks. They are very loving, and are not near as hyper as the long legged Jacks. They are very loyal and loving. My male stays out most of the time just becouse he prefers it, we have lots of farm animals that surround our property and he just loves it. My female she pretty much stays inside except when in heat. Then she comes back in and stays. My dogs are very socialized with animals, small children and many different adults, so they are ready for anything. Puppies start getting socialized as soon as they are able. They are like our babies and we can't keep away. I have several people who have bought from me whos' families come back when I have a litter available. And most of them keep in touch and send me pictures from time to time so I can watch them grow. Feel safe when purchasing from me. I pull no stops with vet visits and you will get a good pet quality pup/dog. I am also very upfront about things, if their is the slightest thing you should know about a puppie/dog that you are inquiring about, I will let you know.

My Shorty Jacks

The Nursery

My Girl
My Little Guy