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The Four Seasons

Purpose of Lesson:

-Be able to order the seasons-winter, spring, summer, and fall

-Be able to distinguish different characteristics in weather throughout each season

-Understand what types of clothing is appropriate during each season.

Materials: Seasonal pictures to hang on board, tape for hanging pictures up, different types of clothing and materials to represent each season, worksheets and paper for students to draw pictures of their favorite season

Intro Activity: We will do a brief “lecture” pertaining to information about the four seasons.

~What season is first? How do you know this is the first season?

~What season comes after winter?

~What season comes after spring? Why do plants grow during this season?

~What season comes after summer?

~What season comes after fall?

-See attached handout

Guess the Season

-We will pass out articles of clothing or props that represent each season to the students.

-Students will hold the articles in the front of the classroom. We will read a passage explaining the season and will ask the students if they know what season is being represented.

-See attached handout

Reinforce the seasons with pictures

-There will be four different pieces of paper taped to the blackboard. Each piece of paper will be labeled with a season on in: winter, spring, summer, fall.

-We will hold up different pictures representing one of the four seasons and students will be asked to guess what season the picture represents

-Students will then be given the opportunity to walk to the front of the classroom to hang the picture up on the correct season.


-We will pass around a worksheet as a way to assess our students and see what they have learned.

-The worksheet will contain four different pictures in which they are asked to match the picture with the appropriate season. The second part of the worksheet will have a list of the four seasons and then a section explaining what someone might wear during each of the seasons. Students will once again be asked to match the appropriate clothing with one of the four seasons.

-The last part of the worksheet will allow students to work on their writing skills. They will be asked what their favorite season is and will be asked why it is their favorite season.


-If there is enough time at the end of class, students will be asked to draw a picture of there favorite season, what they might wear, and things they may see outside.

Four Seasons Worksheet
Lecture Notes