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What Dreams Are Made Of




Creative Writing







 ďDream as if you'll live forever... live as if you'll die today.Ē Ė James Dean


Some of us go through each day of our lives wondering what the next day will bring.  Hoping that tomorrow will bring that extra something that will make it better than the last.  Others know exactly what they want to do, who they want to meet, what they want to accomplish.  And it is the dreamers amongst us that shoot for the stars and come home at the end of the day with the invaluable experiences and lessons that grow us in to the types of people we strive to become.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if people like you and I had no desires or expectations?  We would live a very mundane and sterile existence where creativity is not fostered and ideas are not formed.  Dreams are the driving forces that enable us to go after the things we want in life.  We are able to think of the impossible and take us to places that only our imaginations dream of. They are the motivations that keep us pushing forward to make each day better than the next.  It allows us to add color to an otherwise blank canvas and paint a picture of all the things that we find beautiful and the things that mean the most to us. 

In order for our dreams to become a reality, we must want it bad enough to chase after the visions that we have painted on the canvas.  We often lose track of the things that are meaningful to us in the day to day whirlwind because we are too busy or not motivated enough to keep them in the forefronts of our minds.  When dreams are not dreamt, the wheels of motion stop churning.  We get to a point where we are not able to take that next step forward, but rather remain at a standstill.  Each day becomes the same as the last, and the next fades slowly away in to the distance.

Each one of us has different desires and goals and it really is up to us to figure out how we go about achieving them.  There have been days where Iíve felt that I havenít done as much as I should have or that Iíve passed up missed opportunities because Iíve let the dreams drift off and fade away and it is unfortunate to reflect back and regret on what could have been.  Dream of big dreams because that is what they are meant to be.  Aim high beyond your reach and shoot for the stars because the world is a boundless universe that sees no limits.

- Miss Mary Cao -

August 2006