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Rainbow of Love




Creative Writing







As we get in and out of relationships, we fall in and out of love.  Love can sometimes leave us feeling blissfully happy and giddy, and at the same time it can leave us feeling lonely and empty.  It can bring out the best of us, encouraging us to give unselfishly, but it can make us angry and vengeful.  How can a single emotion be so powerful that it can make us do things we donít normally do, feel things we donít normally feel, or turn us in to the very people we oppose?  Love is a complicated thing to grasp and many people donít truly understand it.  It means different things to different people and we all approach it from different angles. 

Some of us use Love to fill an empty void.  Each of us have had moments in our lives where weíve felt lonely and longed for companionship.  Being truly alone terrifies some of us in to seeking out someone, anyone, who can help take away the loneliness.  The thought is that it is better to have anyone around than to have no one around at all.  We fool ourselves in to believing that we are in Love, when we are actually cowering and running away from ourselves and the fear of being alone.

Still, there are others who use Love to get over Love.  Simply put, Love hurts.  We open ourselves up and bare our souls to that one person that weíve come to depend on, leaving us open and vulnerable.  We place our trust in them, relying on them to always be there when we need them the most.  We give so much of ourselves that we expect the same in return.  When that bond is broken and the support structure is no longer there to keep us going, we feel betrayed and rejected.   The pain is so real that in a desperate attempt, we cling to and seek comfort in, the closest thing that will temporarily take that pain away.  The comfort and security that someone else gives will help to ease away the hurt.  It reassures us that there is someone out there who does want us and care about us. 

And then there are those of us who just love to be in Love.  We hop from one relationship, in to the next, and then in to the next.  We crave the attention that we get from being in relationships and it makes us feel good about ourselves, knowing that there are lots of people who find us attractive or desirable enough to want to be with us.  We are never satisfied with being committed to just one person.  The comfort of always having someone to love and be loved by many people, provide an escape from insecurities and fears that may not necessarily be apparent from the outside looking in.  We are afraid of ourselves, of the possibilities, and of the thought of forever.  In essence, we use love to fill the empty void, and then subsequently use love to get over love, only to fall in love yet again. 

Finally, there are the true believers of Love, of soul mates, and of all that is beautiful.  We are lucky enough to find that one person in Life that we connect with on such a deep and emotional level.  We have a partner to walk the paths of life with, to share in our happiness with, and to grieve with us in our dark moments.  We put all of our own needs and desires aside in the name of Love.  We are the optimists who believe that there really is someone for everyone and that love really does conquers all.  No matter what Love means to you, it is a rainbow that stretches from mysterious ends of the earth and has something to offer for everyone.   

- Miss Mary Cao -