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f I Never Knew, I Never Knew




Creative Writing






 I Dream     


I dream of fields of sunflowers,

Among these wild blooms I stand.

The breath of Life pours within me,

As the wind whispers in my ear.

Arms outstretched and eyes closed tight,

I embrace the feelings and let go of the fight.


I dream of another place in the skies above

Among the countless stars that shine so bright,

Is there one that shines for me in the night?

Through eyes filled with wonder and awe,

I stand draped beneath this blanket of stars,

As I search for my Angel  from afar.


I dream of a Love that runs ocean deep,

That races from my veins and flows through me.

A collision course that stems from passion,

And strengthens with each new beat of my heart

Though however near, or far apart,

I dream of a Love that I hold close to my heart.


I dream of a world with infinite possibilities

A place where dreams can become reality

Where hope and desires are always new

And Friendship and Love are full and true.

I dream of all that is and all that can be,

I dream of a place with you and me...