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Creative Writing






Happy Birthday     


It doesnít seem that long ago that we met,

Our moments together are ones I wonít soon forget.

Your presence has filled an emptiness in me,

One in which I hope never again to see.


 Intelligence, wit, and confidence are all that you exude.

Enthusiasm, humor, and charm you also include.

These are the things about you that I most adore,

Each day together with you means more and more.


Youíve brought laughter when there were tears,

Comfort and assurance when there were fears.

You challenge me to reach my maximum potential,

With you by my side, success will only be eventual.


You are the one whom I can always depend,

The one I can call more than just friend.

No one will ever be able to take your place.

Your loving kindness, I welcome with full embrace.


I donít know what I could ever do or say

To fully express my gratitude and to repay

You for all of the wondrous things youíve doneÖ.

You are my light in the dark, my Universal Sun.


From your birth, my world has been graced

With such happiness and joy that canít be replaced.

Today, on your day, may you be regarded as majesty,

For you deserve to be respected and admired for eternity.

May all of your hopes and dreams come true today.

Happy Birthday to you, in each and every way.



 Dedicated to one of my very best friends, DKMC... - Happy 29th