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Creative Writing





                                  Game of Love


My heart, I kept at bay

Away from your alluring ways

Many have warned of love and leave

Me, I chose not to believe


Trails of broken hearts left, unashamed

No remorse, is this but a game?

Premonitions rang loud and clear

You, you are not as you appear


Intelligence, Wit, and Charm you exude

Confidence and Humor, you also include

Webs of mystery and intrigue, you spun

This is how it ended, how it all begun


Musical notes from your fingertips floated

Plucked chords of my heart, I hardly noticed

Dreams of dreams, dances of dance

I knew, I stood not a chance


Composure and sensibility start to sway

Somehow you managed to melt away

The iron gates that housed my heart

Mind and Soul, both blown apart


Battle raged as mind and heart fought

I needed to conquer my inner thoughts

Surrender of the heart gave way

Doors flung open, forever in a day


Above the clouds, I soared without a care

Feelings felt, one cannot compare

Swimming through elated bliss

Eternal happiness, yet something was amiss


Your heart, belonged not to me

Your spirit, longed to be free

Blinded by denials of truth

Can I continue, and walk without you?


My heart, it longs for you to say

That love would come to find a way

To bring you back again to me

You are all I want, all I need


When you leave, after you are gone

My heart will continue to sing your song

As I wish upon the heavenly stars above

That one day, you will give me your Love