f I Never Knew, I Never Knew
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Creative Writing






    I Never Knew, I Never Knew            


Memories of you scatter through the wind

I cling to them, fighting a battle from within

My body shivers, as your soul passes through

You leave behind a legacy you never even knew


Rivers flow from the pools of my eyes

My body quivers, as I cry... as I cry

Emotional pandemonium wrack my soul

But, you are not here to deflect the blows


Fleeting images of you float over the sea

I cherish them, your face I long to see

In my heart, I wish you knew, I wish you knew

Of all the feelings that I hold so true


The Angels of Heaven await your arrival

I watch from below, shaking in denial

I wish we've met, your life I never knew...

Your love, I never knew, I never knew...