HEY HEY U HAVE MADE IT TO MY PHOTO PAGE..dont be frightened!!muahaha!
WhErEs ThAt DaMn CaN oF pInEaPpLe?..oh wait!...ThErE iT iS!..hooray!

WhErEs ThAt DaMn CaN oF pInEaPpLe?..oh wait!...ThErE iT iS!..hooray!

SuM PhOtOs I HaVe Of My BuDdIeS:
hEy PpLz, This page is dedicated to all my friends and photos of them and me... eeewwww i know.. pics of me.. yuckies!!!! LMAO.. but u will get over it soooo.... NER!

The order of the photos are:

Corey! a mate from qld!

Spunky Jimmy James... my bestest friend aka 2 hand sam and Missy!!!YAY! James is soo cute.. aww.. James and Missy! awwwww they are sooo cool!! i miss yas soooo much!

Glenn and Stephy.. the cutest couple i know~! and two of my really good friends.. Stephy is my bestest chicky friend!!

Some of the Sexy Bundaberg Skaters..altho one is from Ipswich.... Bobby, Growly, Glenn and Keithyness.. these guys are awesome!

Dis is Nathan..aka Farmboy or as i like to call him.. Nafarmness.. hehe my future husband! Muhahahaha take that or i will slap u in the face wif a shovel!

Dis is me and Jimmy James (my bestest buddy) wen he visited me in Melbourne!!

Dis is me and Jimmy James again.. also from his trip to Melbourne! yay!

Dis is Keithyness showin every1 just how flexible he is.. me thinks he wants to be a porn star!!

Dis is Rabbito.. how cute is dis pic! he looks so cute in it!.. cept he wont believe me!!!

Dis is my business class... all of us on pyjama day!!!

Dis is sum fellas im friends wif.. too many to name.. but thems are cool as!..also on pyjama day!!

Dis is Mel and Shannon on pyjama day!!

Dis is a close up pic of the barbie i re-decorated! muahahha!!!

Dis is just a photo of the barbie i re-decorated! hehehe!

Dis is Big Habib.. da coolest dudeski ever!!!.. he always picks up da Bambii's.. is a sweetie and yeh.. the photo speaks for itself!!

Dis is Paul.. aka Melon.. he's a hottie hey ladies?? hehe w0ot!! he is the such a champ hey!! such an awesome guy!!

SeCoNd PhOtO PaGe!!- last days of skool!

ThIrD pHoTo PaGe!!

FoUrTh pHoTo PaGe!

BaCk To MaIn PaGe!

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